Famous Interior Designers

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Interior design is a profession that involves turning a space into a comfortable area for people to enjoy. It might seem like an easy job to do, but it is actually very tricky. Those who work in this field must have technical knowledge in order to have big projects and become famous interior designers. Regardless if you plan on finding the most lavishing and phenomenal looking materials or discount hardwood flooring, you should always take a large number of aspects into account, such as the acoustic, the lighting, the positioning of the elements and so on.

Interior decorators have to arrange a place by managing projects that require special aptitudes and skills. They must know the technical conditions a basic layout has to fulfill. This job requires an understanding of the acoustic issues a place might have. The temperature and lighting are also important aspects one has to take care of if they seek the best results. In order to be a part of famous interior designers group you must follow an art school or a design university because only this way you can be a licensed professional.

Interior designers understand that people are influenced either in a positive way, or in a negative one by the environments they create. This is why the purpose of this form of art is to improve people’s lives because the attention to details can really make a difference.

Here are some of the most famous interior designers :

  • Petra Blaisse is a sophisticated interior decorator and a trendsetter. The Dutch designer started her career in 1987 when she designed for an important museum in Amsterdam. Her work is also known in France, Rotterdam and it includes the curtains and flooring of the Lille Grand Palais and the spiral sound curtain in Kunsthal. She has a creative style which involves mixing together different elements and colors and that is what makes her unique.
  • John Saladino is a designer who uses geometry in a great way and creates comfortable spaces by using minimalist methods. His reputation comes from his original ideas and he is responsible for the Villa of Mysteries in Italy. We can also see his work in Palm Beach where he designed the Palladian mansion.
  • Geoffrey Bradfield is a daring artist and you can recognize his work by its opulence. He creates elegant and luxurious environments for clients all over the world. His style is a combination of fine art and modern high tech elements. You can see some of his masterpieces in Long Island, Maryland, Vermont and New York.

If you are searching for an interior designer who can find the best discount hardwood flooring Ottawa has to offer, you should probably start looking for portfolios and recommendations and you can be confident that your house or your office will never be the same again. Depending on your personality you can choose between different styles and your decorator will create the perfect place for you.