Everything You Need to Know About Invest Financial Corporation

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If you plan on starting an investment career or you just want to grow your savings than you need to know a few things about the investment world and get to know the companies who are running it. Invest Financial Corporation is a full service broker/dealer which is operating in all the American States. The corporation supervises smaller financial institutions who offer investment consultancy as well as other investment or insurance products and services. It is one of the biggest players in the investment world and if you are interested in a career as a broker you should definitely strike to get a job here.

Invest Financial Corporation was founded in 1982 by Dan McConnell and was later bought by Brentwood Securities. Over the years the company’s structure suffered several modifications but the quality of their services was never diminishes. Brentwood change the company’s name to Investment Services for America. In 1996, the major shareholder sells Invest to First American National Bank which is later bought by AmSouth Bank. In 2000 National Planning Holdings buys AmSouth Bank. In 2005 Invest reaches the astonishing sum of $100 million in revenues. Steve Dowden becomes CEO in 2009 and after two years under his leadership over 20 representatives manage to reach $1 million. In 2012 Invest marks 30 years of successful business.

Company culture
Steve H. Dowden is the president and CEO of Invest Financial Corporation therefore he represents everything that the company stands for. One of the main roles of this corporation is to provide their brokers and dealers with the best resources and tools for making accurate economic predictions and good financial decisions. Interdepartmental communication is essential in order to make sure that everyone has full access to all the available information. The corporation works with registered representatives and financial institution and over the years it has earned a reputation as a market leader. One of the main roles of the employees is to apply the fundamental principles of the needs based investing while maintaining a professional relationship with the clients and associates based on mutual respect.

Why should you choose Invest?
Given the active history of Invest, we can all agree on the fact that this corporation is a steady financial leader. Despite the many changes that took place within the company, Invest has always managed to keep its promises towards the clients and associates. It helps people protect their financial situation by offering a high quality line of investment services and products such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities as well as a lot of insurance products. Furthermore given the state of the art software used within the company the transactions are being made promptly and accurately during any time of the day. Furthermore Invest Financial has a solid policy of constantly investing in their staff. Regular trainings and seminars are being used in order to make sure that their employees are always prepared to deal with all types of financial situations.

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