Essential Bartender Drinks

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As a bartender it is essential to have a lot of energy and a nice personality. You must always be active and know the place of each bottle of alcohol in order to serve the customers in an efficient manner. You must be polite, funny and entertaining. However, none of this qualities really matter unless you can also make a mean drink. There are countless cocktail recipes and knowing them all would be impossible. However there are a few bartender drinks that are essential in this line of work. In this article we will cover the most popular drinks in the world. Any respected bartender has to be able to prepare these drinks at any time.

  • Vodka Cocktails

The most popular vodka cocktail is probably Bloody Mary. In order to prepare this drink you need 2 oz Vodka, 5 oz tomato juice, ½ oz lemon juice. You also need 2 dashes of Worcestershire Sauce, 2 dashes Tabasco, a pinch of black pepper and a pinch of celery salt. This cocktail is prepared in a very simple manner. You add the celery and the salt to the rim of the glass (highball). You fill the glass with ice and then you add the tomato juice and the lemon juice. Next, you add the vodka and the spices. You stir it well in order for the flavors to mix and then you serve it along with the stirrer. Other popular bartender drinks that are based on vodka are blue lagoon, kamikaze, screwdriver and white Russian. The women usually prefer Flirtini and Cosmopolitan, two popular Sex and the City drinks.

  • Rum Cocktails

You can make a cocktail with any type of alcoholic beverage but the best bartender drinks are the ones prepared with rum. Given the fact that cocktails are exotic drinks, they are best when they are prepared with an exotic beverage. And what can be more exotic than rum? One of the most popular summer drinks is the Pina Colada. This cocktail is very easy to make, although it has many variations. You need a shaker, rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice and heavy cream. You shake them all and then you pour the mixture over a glass filled with ice. Serve it with a slice of melon or pineapple. Other rum based cocktails that a bartender must know how to make are: Mojito, Daiquiri, Caipirinha, Hurricane and Blue Hawaiian. Rum based drinks are also called tiki drinks due to the fact that they are often associated with tiki bars.

  • Tequila drinks

If you are a fan of strong flavored alcoholic beverages than you will probably enjoy some tequila cocktails. Given the fact that tequila is such a popular drink, the following cocktails are essential bartender drinks: Margarita, Tequila Sunrise and Tequini. Margarita is the most popular tequila based beverage and it can be prepared in numerous ways by using various flavors and ingredients.

These are the most popular cocktails and a respected bartender must know them by heart. Delicious cocktails can also be prepared with gin, brandy, whiskey, champagne or any other alcoholic drink. Last but not least, if a customer is looking for a fast way to get hammered a bartender must always be prepared with a Long Island Ice tea.

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