Elite Aviation: A Success Story in the Sky

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Elite Aviation is a private aviation company which has been operating for almost two decades. During this time the company fleet has flown over 70 million miles which are equivalent to 150 trips to the moon and back. That’s quite an impressive figure for a private aviation company. However this charter operator has a lot more to offer than safe miles.

Luxurious Traveling Experience
As a client of Elite Aviation you will be surprised by the comfort of the flying experienced as well as by the very pleasant flight attendants. Furthermore, the company has successfully managed to turn the air traveling experience into a luxurious event. The Elite Fleet contains airliners, heavy jets, supermid jets, midsize jets, light jets, turboprop aircraft and helicopters. The California based company has been on an ascending route so far and the management is considering purchasing some European airlines in the near future.

President and CEO
Chris Holifield is a powerful woman. The most fascinating thing about her is not her ability to run a successful full service aviation company but the ambition that drove her to this position. She started working at fast food joints but she always dreamed of owning a company. She later moved on to flipping houses and as she had a very good business intuition she soon managed to have her own company. She purchased Elite Aviation a few years ago and she is currently the CEO and President of this company. In a few years she managed to turn the charter operator into an elite service which tends to all of the customer’s needs.

Elite Attache
Elite Attache represents the most luxurious aviation service. The clientele of this service is represented by entertainment and sport personalities as well as important corporate executives. Christine Holifield created these services because she wanted to redefine an air traveling experience, making it a unique experience. Given the fact that time is precious to her customers, Christine wanted to make the road to a destination as pleasant as possible and maybe even make it more entertaining as the destination. Among the services included by Elite Attache are trips to exclusive parties, last minute reservations to pretentious restaurants, trips to the finest spa resorts in the world, helicopter or yacht trips to nearby select locations. You can also enjoy some adrenaline pumping experiences such as flying a Marchetti S260 in an air to air combat simulation. As you can see this service is dedicated to prestigious clients who value unique and luxurious experiences.

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