Easy Full Body Muscle Fitness Workout for Men

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Given the fact that it is the middle of the summer, we expect that most of you have already brought your body in beach shape. However, if you have been a little lazy and haven’t really found the time to hit the gym or you have just not yet found the right personal training services for your needs, we found a full body muscle fitness workout that will get you ready for the beach in no time. This is also ideal if you want to lose a couple of extra pounds or simply stay in shape. Between each set we advise you to do some cardio workout such as the jumping rope. This little tip will help you achieve the desired result a lot faster and though it may be difficult at first, in the long run it will be worth the effort.

  • Day one

Start your workout with 10 minutes of cardio workout. We recommend the jumping rope as it is one of the most intense cardio exercises but if you are not comfortable with it you can go for another type of cardio. Continue the muscle fitness workout with 3×15 leg press followed by 3×10 DB Shoulder Press and then rest for 30 to 45 seconds. Continue with 3×8 DB Sumo Squat for legs and for the shoulders do 3×10 DB Side Raise. After another 30-45 seconds of rest, do 3×12 Machine Leg Curl and 3×15 DB Front Raise and then take another break. Finish the legs and shoulders workout with 3×6 DB Step Ups for each leg and 3×10 DB Upright Row. After 30-45 seconds give your abs a little attention with 3×25 Stability Ball Crunches, 20-30 seconds of plank and 3×20 floor crunches.

  • Day 2

Start the second day with 10 minutes of cardio workout. The second day will be more focused on your chest and your back. Start with 3×8 Barbell Bench Press and 3×10 Barbell Bent over row. After the break continue with 3×8 DB Incline Bench Press Alternating Arms and for the back do 3×10 Lat Pull-Downs. Rest a little bit and then continue with 3×12 Mid Cable Fly and 3×15 push ups. Continue with 3×15 Cable (Bar) High Row and 3×10 Cable (Rope) Pull-Overs. Take a final rest break and then finish with the same abs exercised from the first day.

  • Day 3

On the third day you will combine leg exercises with bi’s and tri’s. Start with a basic 10 cardio workout, rest and then do 3×8 Body Weight Jump Squats and 3×10 Smith Machine Squat. Take a rest and then do 4×8 DB Side Lunge, 4×10 DB Alternating arms Biceps Curl and 4×10 Close Grip Push-ups. Next do 3×12 DB Straight Legged Deadlift, 3×15 Barbell Preacher Curl and 3×15 Incline (Easy Bar) Triceps extension. Rest for 45 seconds and continue with 3×15 Barbell Front Lunge and 3×20 Standing Calf Raise. Rest and then continue with DB Hammer Curl and 4×15 Triceps Cable Pressdown. Finish with the abs exercises.

After these three days take a day off and then continue with the same exercises. These muscle fitness exercises are very intense but they will get you in shape in no time without wasting too much time at the gym.  If you think that you lack endurance, combine this workout with a rowing machine workout. Read the latest rowing machine reviews and invest in a quality machine that will help you increase your endurance while also building muscle mass. The rowing machine provides a full workout for all your muscle groups, so when you don’t have time to do your regular sets, you can replace them with a longer rowing machine workout. When reading rowing machine reviews, look for devices adequate for your height and weight and which can easily be used at home, without causing any disturbances.

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