Easy and Fun Crafts for Preschoolers

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In order to develop your preschooler’s creative play skills, you should make fun and easy crafts together. Making crafts is an entertaining activity which is perfect for a rainy day or just teaching your child some crafting skills. Furthermore, it will develop the existing bond between you and your child.

Here are two examples of easy and fun crafts for preschoolers:

3D Christmas star

The first model of crafts for preschoolers is a 3D standing Christmas star. It is a simple project that has a beautiful result that your child will absolutely love! You can use it as a tree ornament or place it on your table or on a shelf for all your family to admire it.

Objects needed:

  • A printer (optional)
  • A piece of plain paper
  • A piece of stiff paper or craft board
  • Christmas wrapping paper
  • A pair of scissors and / or craft knife
  • A glue
  • A pencil

First draw a star on a regular piece of paper, or print a star drawing you like; a 5-point start is the best to use for this project. To create your template, cut out the star drawn on paper. Use your template star to trace around it on a piece of craft board, so that you create two identical stars, which you will then cut out.

Then, with your star temple made of paper create other 4 identical stars using some Christmas wrapping paper you like. After that, glue your 4 stars made of wrapping paper on the 2 craft board stars, so that you cover both sides of every craft board star. When the glue is dry, you need to make a slit in each of your covered craft board stars so that: the slit in one star starts from an inner corner and reaches the center point of the star, and in the second star, the slit starts from an outer corner and reaches the center point of the star. Now, connect the two stars through the slits you have just cut. For a good stability, place some tape at the center of the star.


The second example of easy and fun crafts for preschoolers is a pair of binoculars.

Objects needed:

  • 2 toilet paper rolls
  • The length of a ribbon or a string (enough to hang around your preschooler’s neck)
  • A stapler
  • A masking tape
  • Some paint or stickers to decorate

First you need to line up the 2 toilet paper rolls one next to the other and staple them together on the inside, at each end. The 2 toilet paper rolls should know look like a pair of binoculars. You can color them with paint or decorate them with stickers or aluminum foil, so that they are more fun to use.

Take the masking tape and cut a piece of it. Now tape each end of the length of string to the inside of the 2 toilet paper rolls so that your child can hang the binoculars around his neck.

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