Dress to impress: fashion guidelines every man should follow

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Dress to impress: fashion guidelines every man should follow

Since you received an invitation to a formal event, you rushed to the store in order to purchase a new, fairly expensive suit, but the main question is: do you know how to wear it properly? Well, starting with the jacket, you should always fasten the middle button, but never fasten the bottom one. Folding and placing the handkerchief in the suit breast pocket gives you a clean and elegant look. Moving on to the shirt and tie, you have the freedom to play with different fabrics and patterns; just make sure that you obtain a visually appealing contrast and the colors of the shirt and the tie complement each other. In what concerns pants, there is no secret behind wearing them as long as you pay close attention to their length, which has to be adequate. Even though nobody at the event is going to measure your pants, it does represent a matter of aesthetics. Finally, the color of the shoes has to match the color of the suit.

Create the perfect outfit according to the event or situation

Taking into account the numerous details worthy of your attention when preparing for a single event, imagine the amount of information you have to acquire in order to look presentable every day, from socks to cologne. When it comes to style, women are not the only ones who must follow the rules or guidelines. No, becoming familiar with or mastering the fundamentals of fashion does not equal spending hours in front of the mirror before leaving home. It just means that you put together clothing article mindfully in order to make a good first impression in any situation. It might sound shocking, but people tend to judge you by your physical aspect and implicitly, your outfit. This means that you have to know exactly what to wear or what type of look to adopt when attending a business meeting or when going out for a drink with close friends. Mixing and matching colors and prints is equally important because it can make or break an outfit.

Feel free to experiment in order to develop your personal style 

Starting with the basics, most people, especially men focus on comfort when purchasing clothing articles meaning that the word “fit” does not have a place in their vocabulary. However, if you end up wearing velvet pants, a flannel shirt with striking colors and a cardigan sweater, then you should undoubtedly start questioning your fashion choices. You clearly need a wake-up call in order to replace that unique combination reminding of an old-fashioned grandpa with a clean, modern outfit including nice fitting jeans, a simple shirt and a comfortable yet stylish pair of shoes. Of course, this only represents a clear example of a casual outfit that you can wear on a daily basis, but you can feel free to experiment with men’s merino shirts, denim or leather jackets, short or long pants and accessories like belts, sunglasses and wallets. Sooner than you expect, you will approach new trends and develop a good fashion sense.

Basic fashion rules that you simply cannot overlook

Since we already discussed formal wear at the beginning of the article, you should always conform with the specifications on the invitation sent by the host when attending an event. If the occasion calls for black tie, then you have to combine a dinner jacket with matching trousers, a dress shirt, waistcoat, bow tie and shoes with a high shine finish. Secondly, when dressing formally, make sure that you always match the belt with the shoes or the other way around. For instance, under no circumstances, you should combine a black belt with brown shoes because you would inevitably look mismatched. Speaking of matching, avoid mixing patterns or prints. Even if you want to look extravagant, original or unusual, this is not the right way to do it. You simply cannot wear two pieces with bold patterns at the same time because you will give the impression of a cartoon character. This represents a simple rule that must hold a special place on the list of “not to do” things.

Furthermore, proportion is another important factor that you cannot overlook when combining clothing articles from Hardvark Merino Clothing. More specifically, you should avoid at all costs creating an imbalance between the upper and lower part of your body by wearing a bulky pair of pants with a t-shirt or shorts with a jacket. It makes sense if you think about it because you do not want to mix summer and winter vibes. Did you know that you can also match colors to each time of the year? For instance, the hot season is ideal for matching blue shoes and white pants. Add a cool or vintage pair of sunglasses and you instantly look like you just stepped out of a fashion magazine.