Drawing Games for Rainy Days

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Drawing is one of the most common forms of expression, and it is also one of the first humans discovered. From the cave paintings and drawings dating tens of thousands of years back and until today, man has found it useful, but most of all pleasant, to convey messages and feelings through drawing. Subsequently we came to master this ability so well that now, professional artists are able to replicate incredibly realistic images on paper, canvas, or any other surface. Yet not everyone has the talent to become a good drawing artist; it also takes years of practice and studies to perfect one’s methods and to reach artistic maturity.

That doesn’t mean, however, that everyone can’t enjoy doing it, which is why we’ve found numerous ways in which to entertain ourselves through drawing. In what follows we are going to take a look at some drawing games that are by now classics. In case you didn’t know about them or forgot them, check them out: they might come in handy on rainy days when there’s nothing to do outdoors.

One of the most popular drawing games that everyone must have played at least once at a party is Pictionary. This classical game only requires the use of some pencils and paper, and the rest is up to the imagination of the participants; that is what makes it so timeless and so infinite in possibilities. The game is played like this: one of the participants draws a picture of the word they’re thinking of, and then shows it to the others. Based on the picture, they are supposed to guess what the word was. While it may sound simple and straightforward, one can choose ambiguous words , or words that look ambiguous when translated into images. You could say it is similar to Charades, only with drawing, where you can choose to adopt various methods of representing an object, a concept or an idea.

Another version of Pictionary is the game “Quick on the Draw”. This is one of the most entertaining drawing games because it also has a time factor. The participants are divided into two or more teams – depending on how numerous they are – and each team has to designate a drawer. The drawer of each team must then draw as many objects as possible in one minute, and his/her team must guess as many objects as possible in one minute as well. The team with the most recognized words or objects obviously wins.

Finally, we are going to tell you about one of the funnest drawing games for children, the “Draw and Fold Over”. The game has to be played by at least three people, so the combinations are wilder and more amusing. You take a piece of paper and fold it into three, or more, if there’s more people playing. Then you can choose a theme, or a subject, a sport or an animal. Each participant gets to draw a part of the object’s or person’s body, such as the head, the torso or the legs. After drawing, the participant folds his part of the paper so the others won’t see it when their turn comes; the drawing is continued by each player, and in the end you unfold the paper and look at the results, which are usually extremely hilarious and surprising.

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