Drawing for Beginners

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Drawing on paper is the most common form of art. It can be one of the simplest methods used to communicate visual ideas. However, not everyone has the necessary skills to create a good sketch and this is why we present you a drawing for beginners tutorial.

You will need some tools in order to be able to learn, and since you are only practicing you don’t have to buy the most expensive ones.

Drawing for beginners tips: essential tools:

  • We recommend you purchase a sketch book that has a B4 format because it will allow you to draw a large number of sketches. Try to avoid papers that have a glossy aspect because they are difficult to draw on, plus your representation won’t stick to it as it should.
  • You also need a pencil that is neither too strong nor too soft, and that is why you can try the HB Pencil. This type is exceptional for shading.
  • Another type of pencil is required in order to help you make your work much (more) easier, so you have to purchase a sharp pencil. It has to have a plastic body because you need to work with a light pencil, not with a heavy one made from metal. It will prevent your hand from getting tired after a while. Another great advantage that this pencil has is that you don’t have to sharpen it, you can just refill it.
  • Drawing for beginners involves making mistakes very often and that is why you need two types of erasers: a standard plastic one and a slim shaped eraser. The last one is very helpful because it can help you erase only the bad parts from your drawing without damaging the other ones.
  • If you want to blend some parts of your drawing or if you need to blur an image, you have to use a tissue paper. You can also do this action by using the tips of your fingers, but that is not very indicated. You can very easily forget that your hands are dirty and you can stain the paper. Another advice you can use in order to prevent hand and finger cramps to appear is to avoid repetitive movement.

These are the tips we offer you for now and we hope they will help you advance from a beginner level to a professional one.