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Finance is the foundation of modern society. Unlike other periods in our history, when people could live independently from each other, nowadays they are all connected by the financial web. As a result, in order to be a successful person, it is important to have a thorough understanding of finances. Though successful people rarely reveal their secrets, sometimes we can learn a lot from their life philosophies. Today we are going to discuss some of the most inspiring Donald Trump finance quotes. Usually his quotes focus on a few major aspects.

Donald Trump is a major inspiration to investors and business people from across the world. He has made numerous accurate financial predictions and the people who followed his finance advice managed to make very good deals. While it is quite hard to get personalized advice from such a financial magnate, we can use his finance quotes in order to build our own financial philosophies. In order to be successful, a person doesn’t necessarily have to hold all the answers. They just need to know the rules of the financial game. These simple guidelines are inspired by Trump’s most popular business and money quotes. Follow them and you too can achieve success.

  • Play the game

Perhaps one of the most inspiring Donald Trump finance quotes is the one where he states that money is not a major concern for him but is merely a way to keep score. In his opinion, finance must be viewed as a game in which you need to follow certain rules in order to be successful. While most games use a point system in order to keep score, a person’s financial success can be measured in money. This money philosophy is very inspiring. By not focusing on the value of money, a person can manage his finances using analytical thinking.

  • Exploit your passion

Donald Trump has made it very clear that when it comes to finance, you are more likely to be successful if you do what makes you happy. One of his finance quotes talks about his passion for real estate. While some people are passionate about painting or poetry, the business magnate thinks that real estate is actually artistic and for that reason he absolutely loves it. He also believes that sometimes a person’s gut is a lot more valuable than the on-paper benefits. Furthermore, it is always better to stick to the things that you know, rather than invest in businesses that you are unfamiliar with. Last but not least, when it comes to dreams, Trump advises us to always visualize success. He thinks that given the fact that we are always thinking, we might as well think big.

  • Learn from experience

When it comes to financial decisions it is very important to keep in mind your past mistakes. However this does not mean that you have to live in the past. It is important to keep in mind your mistakes but also focus on the future and the opportunities that it brings. Furthermore he also believes that certain deals require a certain intuition and even a touch of luck. He advises people to go for the big shot whenever they feel that luck is on their side.

  • Know when to quit

The purpose of any game is of course victory. However when it comes to money, sometimes it is better to give up on the endeavors that don’t seem to work the way we planed. An inspiring Donald Trump finance quote states that sometimes the best investments are the ones that you don’t make. Knowing when to stop is very important in all businesses. A lot of people get greedy and are mesmerized by the idea of making more and more money. They end up loosing their reason and make mistakes that cost them everything they’ve got. In Donald’s Trump’s opinion sometimes it is better to walk away from a finance opportunity and move to something more productive.

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