DIY Home Improvement – Efficient Storage And Creative Ideas

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Whether we are talking about a modern home or a more retro chic environment, there is one element that must be smoothly integrated. Storage is one of the foundations of efficient spaces. It applies to basically every room of the house and it requires a lot of flexibility and ingenious thinking. Today we are going to give you a few home design ideas interior tips which involve some clever DIY home improvement ideas that will help you find better uses for the extra spaces in your home.

Before undergoing any major interior design or aesthetic change, your living space should first of all be clean and safe. Take all of your furniture and decorations out to make sure that you do not have any mold in out of reach areas, such as room corners or behind heavy furniture. If you find any trace of mold or notice signs of water damage, contact a mold removal company right away. Otherwise, decorations and storage will only cover the damage, not fix it.

When we are thinking about storage, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the closet. Finding a solution for improving this space can be quite challenging. However what we most like about these ideas is that they can focus on home improvement while also camouflaging as diy home decorating ideas. Since you will be doing this project by yourself we want to minimize the structural modifications as much as possible. Therefore, instead of expanding the closet, we will be looking at optimizing the interior space.  As a result, we will have to use the vertical space as much as possible. A lot of people usually have just one hanging rod which is usually positioned at a comfortable height. You can improve the space by adding an extra hanging rod. One would be positioned at a lower height. This rod should be used for bottoms such as pants and skirts, therefore you need to approximate the height so that the clothes don’t drag on the floor. The second rod will be used for tops and it should be positioned at a comfortable distance above the first rod. Last but not least, if you have remaining vertical space you could mount some shelves and use them for storing unseasonable clothes. Make sure that you also save some lateral space for shelves or drawers which you can use on a daily basis for intimates and socks. This DIY home improvement requires hanging rods, shelves and installation hardware.

One of the best home design ideas interior storage tips is to make good use of the space under your stairs. Most people just use the space under the stairs as a closet, but there is so much more that you can do with this space. The most resourceful solution that we have come across is turning each step into a drawer. This idea is particularly useful for storing shoes but should not be restricted to that. Now this is not actually a DIY home improvement project unless you are extremely handy. If you are a beginner tinkerer,  the best thing to do is call a professional and let him handle this project. Make sure that you give extra attention to the details. For example, you shouldn’t use front handles because you want the drawers to integrate the staircase. Instead, you can use lateral handles.

Although the last idea is more complex, there are plenty of simple home improvement projects that you can do on your own. One of the cleverest things to do is turn the space under the stairs into a home office. In order to do this you just need a desk, a chair, a couple of shelves and some quality lighting elements. In order to optimize the space, the desk needs to be positioned towards the staircase, therefore you need excellent lighting. Mount the shelves on the lateral wall as well as on the inside of the staircase and decorate it however you want. This space can also be turned into a reading spot (use an upholstered storage bench and some comfortable pillows), a bar (mounted shelves, a counter and some bar chairs), a library, an entertainment center and so on. You can also beautify the office with some diy home decorating ideas. The possibilities are endless and require very little effort and materials. Most projects require shelves which are cheap and easy to mount. We hope that you have found our efficient storage ideas to be useful and creative.

Finally, although this doesn’t enter the category of DIY projects, you could think of re-purposing your loft, if the house has one. The loft is usually the most forgotten place in a house, but the truth is there is a lot of space there which you could use either for storage, or to turn it into a habitable room.

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