Create a Vintage Design for Your Modern Home

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Every thirty years, retro home d├ęcor makes a comeback in a slightly improved version. A vintage design is a mix of old styles and new trends or old furniture and new materials. If you are one of those people who like to forget what era they live in and enjoy a retro-inspired home, these tips can help create a classical interior design.

1. Start with a plan

A good vintage design starts with a smart plan. Instead of randomly arranging furniture and mixing colors in your home, take some time and think about the final product. You can even search for ideas online or in old interior design magazines. Varying board widths and inconsistent windows style will create a haphazard effect, showing that the plan was not completed at once.

2. Muted hues

A vintage design is classy and elegant. Try using muted hues that blend in, not overshadow. Use a thin layer of paint on the cabinetry, walls, and ceilings to create the impression of weathered wood. Although this is barely noticeable from a distance, a discerning eye will find it most interesting. A solid paint will make a room look new and blunt. If you enjoy large patterns, consider using a wallpaper. If you prefer a subtle vintage design, use geometric repetitive patterns and smaller prints. Use patterns in small quantities on flooring, wall covering and furniture.

3. Maximize the impact of wood

To achieve a vintage design, maximize the impact of wood in your home. You can use wood on every ceiling and wall, instead of the popular gypsum wallboard. Wood brings a certain character and warmth to a home that simply can’t be created with other materials. A solid wood floor has an authentic vibe and can make any visitor feel right at home. Moreover, it matches any wallpaper choice and is highly durable.

4. Authentic lighting

There is nothing more suitable for giving your home a vintage look than authentic lighting. Rewired and re-purposed items, gas lanterns and antique reproductions maintain a classic look. If you want an investment piece, limit your shopping to specialized lightning stores or reputable antique dealers. They should be able to give you important details about the item such as pedigree and provenance. If you are just interested in aesthetics, you may find lighting with a vintage design at garage sales, online auctions, flea markets and thrift stores.

5. Retro lines

Circular and curvilinear lines are classic traits of vintage furniture that look great combined with wood and modern leather. Replacing an outdated fabric is not expensive and can completely transform an old piece of furniture into the focal point of a room. Even if you prefer modern minimalism, you can opt for some pieces with lines and curves.

6. DIY vintage decorations

Vintage furniture and decoration look amazing but they are often very expensive. However, if you do some research on vintage diy home decor, you can learn how to make your existing furniture and decorations look authentic and old. You can use your existing decorations or you can make decorations from scratch. Vintage diy home decor ideas can help you give your home a vintage vibe without making a hole in your pocket.

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