Crazy and Romantic Wedding Theme Ideas

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Deciding between various wedding theme ideas is very hard especially given the fact that they are all fabulous. When you make your choice try to take various factors into account. It is important that the wedding theme represents you and your husband but make sure that the guests will also have fun. Today we are going to present you some classic themes as well as some crazy ideas.

Outdoor wedding theme ideas

If you are an outdoorsy person, it would be a shame to have your wedding indoor. If you are lucky enough to live near the beach then you should definitely go for a Hawaiian wedding. You can have a Tiki bar and hula girls and the party will definitely go on until the morning if you make a big camp fire to dance around. If you are a more romantic person you could also choose a garden wedding. You can have the ceremony under a big tree which you can decorate with candles, beads strings, tulle and flowers.

Sports wedding theme ideas

If you are not the kind of girl who has been obsessed with your wedding ever since you were five and you want to surprise your future husband then we recommend choosing a baseball theme. While this is probably not on top of the wedding themes, we have seen a lot of events like this and we have to agree that they are pretty cute. You can have field wedding shots, a cake shaped like a baseball glove and baseball cookies. You can also have the ring boy or girl bring the ring in a baseball glove, take a picture of the rings on a baseball and have baseball tickets place cards. Baseball cards customized to have each guest’s face on them can be really cheap wedding favors, and they will also raise a lot of interest; add funny stats on each card to match the guests, they will be thrilled with the idea.

Superhero wedding

If you are a comics fan than you might toy with some superhero wedding theme ideas. You can have this type of wedding without giving up the white dress. However you can choose a dress with a short front and rock a pair of red boots and a black mask. The bridesmaids can dress up like your favorite female heroines and you can even prepare a little show to entertain the guests.

Other crazy ideas

A carnival wedding is always a great idea especially if you go for the vintage setting. You can have a sweets truck, a kissing booth and carousel centerpieces. The list of great wedding themes also includes fairy tale, Maria Antoinette, medieval, Parisian, pirates, Great Gatsby, hippie style, Arabic style and so on. As far as color themes go the top positions are emerald, purple, pink-red and blue-yellow. You could also choose a rainbow or a peacock theme.

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