Cocktails With Funny Drink Names You Must Try

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Everybody enjoys trying fun and new alcoholic drinks at a party or when they go out. Cocktails with funny drink names will definitely double the fun. This list of cocktails will amuse your guests if you are hosting a party and spark some entertaining conversations:

The Angry German
The Angry German tops the funny drink names list because it gets a reaction everywhere. The ingredients are 1 Part Blackberry Schnapps, 1 Part Amaretto, 1 Part Jagermeister, 2 Parts Lime Juice, ice cubes and a dash of salt. Place the ice cubes into a shaker glass or rock glass and add the Amaretto, Blackberry Schnapps, Jagermeister, lime and salt. Shake it well and pour the mix into shot glasses. After you drink it, make an angry face and yell a very long word.

The Butt Burner

This shot is only for the experienced hot sauce aficionados. Although the Butt Burner has one of the funniest drink names, it should be treated seriously. The ingredients are 1 oz. Jose Cuervo Tequila, 1 Jalopeno Pepper and a dash of Tabasco Sauce. Slice the jalopeno and place it into a shot glass. Add the tequila and pour the Tobasco until the mix has a deep red color. Make sure there is a glass of water nearby before you drink it!

Alien Brain Hemorrhage

And when you thought the drink names can’t get funnier, they came up with the Alien Brain Hemorrhage. Besides the interesting name, this cocktail is intentionally made to look insane. The ingredients are 1 Part Peach Schnapps, a splash of Bailey’s Irish Cream, a small amount of Blue Curacao and a dash of Grenadine. Pour the Peach Schnapps into a shot and pour the Irish Cream on top. When the shot is almost full, carefully pour the blue curacao. After it settles, add a splash of Grenadine.

Irish Trash Can

If you ask the bartender of an Irish pub to surprise you, you might end up with beverages with funny drink names, such as the Irish Trash Can. If the bartender would want to make a cocktail at the end of the night with all the leftovers, this is what he would mix: 1/2 oz Blue Curacao liqueur, 1/2 oz gin, 1/2 oz light rum, 1/2 oz vodka, 1/2 oz triple sec, 1 can Red Bull energy drink, ice and 1/2 oz peach schnapps. Making the Irish Trash Can is simple, just port all the liquors over the ice, stir it and add the Red Bull. The energy drink will slowly seep down the glass and turn the drink trash can green.

Passed Out Naked on the Bathroom Floor

Such drink names will surely get the attention of clients, guests and curios people who like to experiment. The ingredients are 1 Part Jagermeister, 1 Part 100 Proof Peppermint Schnapps, 1 Part Tequila and 1 Part 151 Proof Rum. Pour the ingredients into a shaker, add ice and strain into shot glasses.

The Lindsay Lohan Cocktail

This is one of the funniest drinks you can order in a bar. Also known as the Red Headed Tramp, this cocktail contains 1 part Jagger, 1 part Peach Schnapps, a splash of coke and 2 part cranberry. Pour the schnapps, cranberry and Jagger into a cocktail glass, stir and top with a shot of coke. Garnish with a cherry

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