Choosing a Prom Hairstyle for Your Face Type

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Choosing an appropriate hairstyle is not very difficult, but it’s not the simplest task either; that is why we aways recommend insecure women to have a professional hair stylist help them, because then they can get the best results, adapted specifically to their face shape, type of hair, and even personality. But since not everyone can afford stylist counseling, or paying for an expensive haircut, we thought of showing you the basics of choosing a prom hairstyle for your face type.

That way, whether you try it at home by yourself or have a cheaper stylist do it, you will at least know exactly what you want and why. And since the prom night is such an important event in every young girl’s life, having the right hairstyle will ensure you feel and look great. Here is what you need to know:

  • Round faces

Women with round faces need to elongate their cheeks, which is why stylists usually recommend layered haircuts; for instance, a great prom hairstyle for this face type is an edgy bob, longer in the front and shorter in the back. Overall, you should avoid short haircuts, even layered ones, and bangs too, because they only accentuate your features.

  • Heart-shaped faces

With this type of hair, you can sport about any hairstyle you want; however, wearing bangs will definitely contour your features and make you look more interesting. For a prom hairstyle, choose a looser updo, like you see in the last picture here; however, leave your bangs visible, they will make you look special.

  • Square faces

It is a bit trickier for you to get the right haircut, let alone the right prom hairstyle; like the previous type, you should try various bangs styles to see what suits you. Combine this with layers and waves; a good example is Kim Kardashian, who looks splendid with her long tresses; however, notice she always wears her hair wavy, and the bangs are always there, whether side-swept or over the forehead. Braids and waves are ideal for your prom night.

  • Oval faces

Women with oval faces are the luckiest because, as a general rule, they can sport about any types of haircuts and hairstyles they want. In this case, all you need to worry about is that the haircut you choose is appropriate for your type of hair, and this is a consideration for all to heed. As for a prom hairstyle, you can go for something like Jessica Alba’s low bun and braids, which look simply adorable and extremely feminine. The same goes for a wedding hairstyle as well; all the tips above are to be used when searching for a hairstyle, but not only when you need something for a special event. That way, you wil manage to look beautiful all the time, without putting too much effort into it.

All in all, what matters is that you feel confident with your prom hairstyle, that you can move around and dance without feeling uncomfortable, and that you choose something that represents you, not something fashionable or accepted. Once you have understood what type of hairstyle would best compliment your features, go to where you will find a lot of inspiring hairstyle ideas that will help you shine on your prom night.