Choosing a perfect fan for your home – Tips, tricks and maintenance advice

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Now, since the hot summer weather is here, you might be interested in some affordable ways to stay cool and comfortable. To be frank, an air conditioner system, the most basic one, consumes somewhere around 240kWh per month, so it is quite expensive to have one running daily. However, there are more affordable solutions on the market, like fans of all kinds, and they might end up being the reason you say goodbye to your beloved air conditioning system. Vertical fans are one of the most reliable solutions, and you can find out more about them by reading professional reviews of those who tried them all.  And although many think of fans as an outdated home cooling method, let us tell you that they are more reliable than AC systems are and honestly speaking, more affordable to maintain in perfect form for longer intervals. Below are some amazing tips you could use for choosing a perfect fan for your particular case, and how to maintain it in perfect form.

Things to consider when searching for a fan

Now that you must choose a perfect fan for your household, you might have some questions about the entire process of selecting one.

Q: What size of fan should I pick?

A: You must first consider the space you are working with. You want it to be efficient, but also you don’t want it to overwhelm the entire space that you have. Make sure you measure the room and search for a fan that fits your particular requirements.

Q: What special features should I consider when choosing a fan?

A: Make sure that you consider the electrical consumption of the fan you plan to purchase. Also, since we are living in a smart era, make sure to consider a fan with smart functions, such as remote controllers and auto shut-off models. Consider the budget, as well as the quality of the material.

Q: Ceiling or standing fans?

A: Once again, the type of fan you choose entirely depends on the area you must cover. For smaller areas, a standing fan or a table fan would work wonders, whereas for larger areas you might want to consider a tower fan or a ceiling fan. Also, many have noticed that they have a better relationship with tower fans than they do with ceiling fans, so you might want to consider this aspect as well.

What types of fans are there available on the market?

Long story short, there are fans for all tastes and necessities, for rooms of all dimensions and electric consumption requirements. You might want to become familiar with the following:

  • Tower fans: they have a modern, sleek design, and they are one of the most environmental friendly and economic alternatives currently available on the market. They are truly smart products, since they come with a multitude of features, such as an energy saving mode, an automatic shut off function, a humidifier and a cooler incorporated. They are the perfect alternative if you want a silent product, being highly appropriate for rooms in which people usually sleep. Also, given the fact that many people are afraid of ceiling fans because they might collapse, the ingenious design of these ones makes them the perfect and safest alternative currently available on the market. However, make sure that you pick the perfect location for them from the very beginning, since they are quite difficult to move around.
  • Desk fans: quite a suggestive name they have and they are quite an accessible option for those who want to maintain a cool temperature in their work environment. Also, they are easy to move around, making them quite a versatile piece.
  • Bladeless fans: they work on the jet engine principle; these fans absorb the air and amplify it 15 to 18 times before blowing it out.
  • Pedestal fans: quite a popular choice a few years back, these fans are still strong on the market. New models also come with smart functions, thus you might want to consider those as well.
  • Ceiling fans: modern versions of these products are also available, featuring remote controllers and auto shut-off functions.

Maintenance wise, these products are quite easy to preserve in proper form. They need a little dusting from time to time, and when the circumstances require it, a visit from a repair or maintenance company might be necessary. As you can easily notice, there are plenty of alternatives available on the market, suitable for all tastes.