Changing Careers at 30

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Thoughts of changing our careers are recurrent in people who are not pleased with their job, who consider their job to be in mismatch with their natural talents and abilities. Most of them have pursued a career they did not want, in favour of money or just as a result of their relatives’ influence upon them. Changing careers at 30 is a stage in the lives of most people.

By the time you reach your 30s, you have already had 5 to 10 years of experiencing what is out there, time to rethink and probably regret several career choices. It is also the time to decide if the idea of changing careers at 30 is just a passing thought in your mind or actually a resolution. At this age it is much more difficult to drag yourself out of bed to go to a job you do not like. When you realise you do not truly enjoy your career, it becomes more and more hard to stay competitive in your field. Doing something you do not like causes unhealthy stress that can make you sick and interferes with your ability to excel.

Changing careers at 30 is probably the best time to do it right, so if you have been reconsidering your career choice, this is the time for you to take action. This is the age when most people have an epiphany regarding their life, and most realise it is time to get serious and pursue their “real” career. Almost 70% of college graduates confess they did not make a good decision when choosing their major. Changing careers it is difficult enough at any age, so changing careers at 30 is just as difficult or maybe even more difficult than at a younger age. However, you should not be alarmed, as we mentioned  above, you are not the only one.

Fear is an interesting feeling – it can either motivate you or impede your plans. There are a lot of stressors when it comes to changing careers at 30 or at any age, for that matter: firstly there is the fear of unknown, then we fear the consequences of bad decisions, fear of embarrassment, fear of losing things we value and last but not least, the fear of regret. But is it not a bigger and much heavier regret to not take the chance when you have it, to not seize the moment, the opportunity? In conclusion, you should think carefully before changing your career and you should choose the next career based on things you lacked when performing your former job.

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