Careers in Naval Aviation

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Naval Aviation represents the military air forces which are used in conjunction with the navy forces. This can refer either to warships which embark aircraft or maritime petrol aircraft based on land. From all the flying forces, the naval ones are probably the most complex. The naval pilots operate some of the latest aircraft. The aircraft contains state of the art communication systems as well as cutting-edge navigation systems and weapons. The people who work in this field can also work on the ground, aiding the landing of various naval aircraft or helicopters. While some careers require a diploma, certain jobs are performed by non-degreed men and women. The most important quality of a Navy Aviation recruit is not a diploma but his dedication to the job.

Naval Aviators
Naval Pilots are the most important people in Naval Aviation. Whether they pursue enemy submarines or they are scanning for underwater mines, they must always be on the look out when executing strategic aerial maneuvers. They pilot some of the most advanced aircraft and helicopters and their missions can range from intelligence to combat. If you are preparing for this job you should check out the job description as this career is very demanding. In your missions you could take part in antisubmarine warfare, search operations, rescue missions, mine countermeasures and so on. You will of course receive specialized training and the job rewards are not to be neglected. You could also be interested in a NFO career. The NFO, also known as Naval Flight Officer, is a more diversified job. Aside from the flying missions you will also have the chance to study the aircraft in order to plan control and countermeasures missions.

Flight Operation Team
The Flight Operation team is made of Navy Aircrew Staff and Air Traffic Controllers. They deal with the complexities of the above and below flight deck missions. The pilots depend on the radio instructions provided by these men and women. The missions of the flight operation team are critical to the Naval Aviation. As part of the team you will perform tactical duties, handling duties, data interpretation, operation of tactical weapons and you will work closely together with the pilots. There are many jobs in the Flight Operation team such as flight engineer, load master, reel operator and so on. Your experience as a Naval Aviation sailor will also come with a lot of benefits. You will have a lot of advancement possibilities and some of the work that you will do will count as vocational certificate and it can help you with your education.

Flight Support Team
In order to be part of the flight support team you will not need any college diploma. You will be working as an enlisting sailor and the experience that you gain here can help you get better paid jobs in the U.S. Navy. You will be operating and maintaining hydraulic and steam catapults. You will also be running and sustaining landing gears and other related systems. Furthermore if you complete your college education you could aspire to a job as a Navy Aviation Maintenance Duty Officer.

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