Career Ideas for Men

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Choosing a career can be a difficult task for most people. It is important to find a career based on your skills, knowledge and personality, but it is perhaps as important to find a career that pays enough to cover your bills, especially in the current economic depression. A lot of people lost their jobs and they are searching for a new one, so the competition is tight. There are many career ideas for men and women, too, one just needs to decide on whatever works for them.

We have enclosed hereinafter some career ideas for men, but they can easily apply to women as well. In the U.S. the highest-paying jobs are in the field of medicine. They require years of schooling and training, but it will all pay off once you enter the work-field. Some examples of jobs in the medical field are: Physician/Surgeon, Anesthesiologist/Anaesthetist, Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Orthodontist, Oral and maxillofacial surgeons, and other specialists in the various fields of medicine. There are other fields that pay very well so there is no need to worry about not going to medical school. The IT field offers a lot of career ideas for men, because we have to admit it: men work well with computers and technology, it may be in their genes.

You can choose a job as a Computer and Information System Manager. IT managers develop and also implement IT strategies for a company, besides managing a large IT support staff. They can work in virtually any industry, but the best paid salaries are in the security system and motion picture industry. Computer Programmer is another career in the IT field. Their job consists in creating, modifying and testing programs which allow different computer applications to run. They may also help in designing computer software. Architectural and Engineering Managers is one of the career ideas for men which pays very well. It requires at least holding a bachelor’s degree and some experience in the industry. The best compensated are those who work in the oil and gas industries, with salaries varying between $160,000 and $190,000 in California, Alaska and Texas.

Becoming a lawyer is another of the many career ideas for men who are able to think quickly and speak in public, these two being the qualities of a successful lawyer. Apart from this, in order to become a lawyer you also need 7 years of training – bachelor’s degree, three years years of law school and the passing the bar exam.

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