Capture the Flag Redux- A Modern Twist on the Classic Game

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Capture the flag is a classic outdoor game. It is mostly preferred by teens, since it is very physically challenging, and it also requires some strategic plans. Traditionally, this game can be played without special equipment, with props that you can improvise with anything you find around the house. However, with special equipment, the game becomes even more interesting, rivaling the excitement of video games, with the added bonus of socializing and physical exercise. So let’s see what the traditional game is all about and what the modern version brings to the table.

Traditional Capture the Flag Game

The rules of the game are very simple. You have two teams. Each team needs to have its own flag and a marked territory, and the members of each team must wear some special props in order to be identified. Matching t-shirts, hats or bandanas are all great ways to identify team members. Each team must hide their flag, designate a safe zone around the flag and assign a team member to protect the flag. When the game begins, each team tries to steal the other team’s flag. If a person is captured in the enemy’s territory, they go to jail, where they will remain until the end of the game, or until another team member helps them escape (you can escape if one of your team members tags you). The game ends when a someone manages to steal the enemy team’s flag and bring it back to their own territory. If that takes too long to happen, you can decide the winning team by seeing who has captured the most enemies.

Capture the Flag Redux

The Redux game follows the traditional rules of Capture the Flag, but it includes special glowing equipment, which allows you to double the excitement by playing the game in the dark. The modern capture the flag game includes 2 glowing orbs, sixteen led bracelets, 8 glowing jail markers, 7 territory markers, a rule book and 12 game variation cards. Playing in the dark makes the game infinitely more exciting and thrilling. The glowing equipment is not only useful, but it also adds a touch of realism to the whole experience. Moreover, the game variations ensure endless fun, as there is no way to get bored with this game, when you can always add new rules to make it more entertaining. In fact, when you are done trying out all the game variations, you can make up your own variations with creative backstories and special rules.