Can You Trust a Relationship Test?

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When it comes to relationships women are a lot more analytical than men. Most women need constant proofs of love and when they don’t get those proofs from their partners they find consolation in various relationship tests and quizzes. However, despite the fact that these quizzes are based on interesting scenarios and they contain relevant question they are rarely efficient. Today we are going to take a closer look at these tests and see whether or not they can be trusted.

How objective are you when you are taking a relationship test?
The wide variety of relationship quizzes that we find in magazines or over the internet ask the reader to put herself in certain scenarios and think at how her partner would act or what he would say. However, most women are very subjective when answering these questions. If they felt ignored in the past days, they are more likely to give answers that will have a negative impact on the results of the relationship quiz. The fact is that men and women react differently in various situations and it is hard to predict how your partner would act or think. The fact that you have been together for a long time doesn’t mean that you can predict what he thinks or what he will do.

How do you measure love?
Aside from hypothetical scenarios relationship quizzes also ask questions that analyze the latest events such as: when was the last time your boyfriend brought you flowers without a reason? Although receiving flowers is always nice, one can’t help but wonder whether or not love can be measured in number of flower bouquets. You have probably met at least once in your life a man who constantly spoiled his wife or girlfriend while cheating on her on a regular basis. Men have various ways of showing love. If your boyfriend doesn’t bring you flowers and candy doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love. He probably does other things that you take for granted or don’t even notice.

Can a quiz determine your level of happiness?
The true test of a healthy relationship lies within your heart. If you are happy with your love life what is the point of taking a relationship quiz? Do you need confirmation from strangers in order to feel that your relationship is heading down the appropriate path? On the other hand, if you are unhappy the best thing to do is talk with your loved one and tell him what makes you unhappy. A negative relationship test feedback in a bad period could make you terminate a healthy relationship. Keep in mind that a stranger will never understand how you feel therefore the best thing to do is listen your heart. Even if a certain relationship test is made by a couples therapist this doesn’t necessarily mean that it applies to you. Magazine tests are designed in order to apply to a wide variety of people. However, all people are different and so are the relationships. You should never try to make your relationship fit into a common, general pattern. On the contrary, you should treasure your love for the things that make it unique.

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