Business cards – design mistakes to avoid

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When it comes to promoting the products or services of a company, many people focus on digital marketing strategies and they neglect the traditional ones that still work. Even though it is the era of speed and people tend to digitize everything they can, there are certain old-fashion tools that can still make a very good impression and the best example is a business card. Choosing the right company that provides services in name card printing in Singapore may be quite challenging, considering the large number of companies in this industry, but if you follow these easy steps, the selection process will take less time:

  • Start with quick research on the Internet to get more familiar with the companies providing name card printing services in the region.
  • Learn more about these companies and make a list of them. It will be easier for you to visualize the differences between each other.
  • Narrow the list by determining which companies match with your selection criteria. Once you have done it, you can ask for some recommendations from friends or other people who resorted to this type of service in the past. See if one or more of their recommendations match the companies present on your list.
  • Go for the name printing company that suits your needs and budget.

When designing a business card, you have to keep in mind that you will hand it over to important clients or customers, so you have to make sure it is perfect. Try to avoid these simple mistakes listed below.

Going for the wrong size

The variety of dimensions for business cards is extremely large, yet selecting the right one is a tricky task. The most popular choice is 84 mm x 55 mm, since it can perfectly fit any wallet and pocket. Some people believe that if they go for bigger sizes, they will make a greater impression, but by doing so chances for people who receive those business cards to forget about them somewhere in the back of a drawer are extremely high. It is best to go for these dimensions as they are the safest.

Going for the wrong colours

Another big mistake many people are prone to make is related to the choice of colours for their business cards. Experts in the domain recommend that you select the same colour combination as the ones existing in the logo of your company for instance, since this way you will create a more powerful marketing tool. Sure, you want your business card to stand out from the crowd, but this does not mean you have to select some neon colours that glow in the dark. If you want to look professional and trust-worthy, it is best to opt for the same colour scheme in all marketing strategies you use.

Forgetting about the bleed area

Most people select white for the background colour of their business cards, but there are others who want to make these pieces of paper create more impact, so they opt for other colours. However, what they do not pay attention to in the first place is the bleed area of the card. It is that 3 mm thick area on the edge of the card, which should also have the same colour as the one chosen for the background. Keep this aspect in mind in order to avoid going through the printing process twice.

Using borders

Another mistake that can cost you a lot more money is related to borders on business cards. Of course, you want your cards to look aesthetic and beautiful and to catch the attention as soon as you hand them on to someone, but sometimes it is best if you avoid using borders. You may have come up with the best design that looks amazing on your PC screen, but this does not mean it will look the same on a business card. When you print the cards and have to cut them, those borders you included in the first place may turn into a headache.

Not including relevant information

Think about it – why would you hand in business cards to people in the first place? To ensure they have your contact details, right? In case they want to resort to your services or do other types of businesses with you, they know exactly where to look for you. Well, if you fail including relevant information on the business card, chances for those people to actually contact you are significantly reduced. It is crucial that besides the name of your company to include other details such as your phone number, email address, what defines your  job and last but not least, a QR code. It is the digital era after all!