Bows and ribbons for your daughter’s birthday party

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If you have kids, you know exactly the way in which your life changes. You know by now that the highlight of your day is not coming home and sitting on that expensive armchair, drinking a glass of red wine and relaxing in the silence. What welcomes you home from a hard day at work are your kids, their chaotic screams and the mess they make while trying to play in the living room. This is the highlight of the day for you, to see their joyful, happy faces as they run from one corner of the house to the other. Once you have children, you know that silence is not exactly what you seek. It may be what you need from time to time, but it is not silence that makes the perfect ending to a stressful day at work. Therefore, when you have such a life, you know that preparing for a girl’s birthday party could easily be just as challenging as putting together a small summit. In theory, a big cake, lots of toys and a big piñata will do. However, in reality, things have the bad habit of changing and this is when challenges start to appear. So, here are a few tips on how to properly organise and host a girl’s birthday party, tips you might find useful if you should be tackling with such a challenge.

Take everything outside!

This might sound a bit strange, given the fact that it is just the first step, but it is as real as it can be. It is preferable to host all parties, if possible in the backyard. This way you will secure your home from getting trashed and all your belonging will be intact. Also, garden parties are the perfect location for ribbon decorations. After you have bought a few of them from trustworthy providers, you will find it simpler to decorate a garden with bows and ribbons than it is to decorate a furnished room. Everything looks better outside.

Go for a pattern

What matters most in these parties is keeping things a bit organized. The effect will be greater if a theme is adequately followed. Since ribbons are the perfect expression of femininity, of innocence, they become the perfect decorations for a girl’s birthday party. So, make sure that your daughter has ribbons on her dress or in her hair, just to match in with the location. You will see that the effect will be the expected one. On top of everything, you could even have small cookies with bows on them and of course the birthday cake decorated similarly.

Offering bows to guests

Wouldn’t it be such a change if the birthday girl would be offering her guests something instead of the other way round? Ask your daughter if she wouldn’t want to have personalised bows with her name and the date to party to offer her friends. This way, the party will be surely remembered by guests, who would have the bow to prove they were there.