BlackBerry Apps that Will Change Your World

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For a few years back, BlackBerry was one of the most utilized mobile phones, because it offered great services and usability to those with a lot to tackle in their lives; that is why it was preferred by businesspeople, and people who work a lot in general. One of the main features that attracted to it, and that made it revolutionary, was the introduction of the complete alphabetical keyboard, meaning you could write longer texts easier and faster. When smartphones were on the rise, and everyone wanted to have a touchscreen, BlackBerry dropped in the markets, but the company is determined to get back in the game. Until then, there are still plenty advantages to using a BlackBerry; to prove that, we are going to present some of the apps that are available on Blackberry, and which still make it one of the most practical mobile phones to ever exist.

First of all, there is the great accessibility to the Internet, because BlackBerrys were among the first phones to offer services like web browsing, e-mailing, and even instant messaging. In fact, one of the best things about them is the BlackBerry Messenger, which allows instant messaging, voicecalling, and even videocalling on BlackBerry 10. Even now, there are few things that a BlackBerry won’t do, especially if you go to BlackBerry App World and check out the wide range of applications that are available for it. For instance, its Messenger allows it to communicate with other types of devices as well, such as iOS and Android.

BlackBerry Messenger, or BBM for short, not only allows you to instant message one person, but even multiple persons at a time, be they BlackBerry or Android users. This compatibility makes for a great communication avenue, and there are reportedly some 85 million users for BBM. Other services that the app provides are to share pictures, videos, files, voice notes (your own recordings or otherwise), and other types of audio. Moving on to a different subject, Viigo is a great app you can use on your BlackBerry if you want to stay in touch with the world and find out what’s going on. Viigo is a news, or information platform, giving you access to news, sports, weather, entertainment, info about flights and lots of other things that help pass the time.

If you’re a BlackBerry owner, you might also be interested in finances, which is where the Bloomberg app comes in, with information about stock markets, and other things related to world economy. Some glitches may have been reported with the app, but it is being constantly improved and updated, so it’s still quite useful. As a BlackBerry owner, you might also find yourself in a hurry, which is why you could really use Trapster, an app that alerts you about speed limits, lets you know when there is a speeding camera approaching, and other police speeding tests. Poynt is another incredible app for business BlackBerry users, because it allows you to find businesses in your area based on your own search criteria, whether you’re looking for doctor’s offices or car rental companies.

All in all, BlackBerry is a world in itself, and you can customize it with applications from AppWorld in order to make it as useful as you can. Still, you might want to pay attention to one important aspect. If you don’t own one of the latest versions of BlackBerry mobile phones, you won’t be able to have access to all the wonderful functions that this great app integrates. So, in order to use all the options that Blackberry Messenger features, we recommend you to learn how to install BBM for PC.

Finding out more about how to installĀ  BBM for PC can offer you many interesting advantages, but the most important thing is that it allows you to use all the tools that this application comes with. Therefore, we recommend to learn the steps that will help you download the app, and enjoy a great chatting experience.