Best Places to Visit in October

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Although the best periods to travel are during summer and winter, there are a lot of locations around the world that you can visit off-season as well. If you chose to plan your vacation for off-season, then you will not only have the opportunity to save some money and find special offers, but you can still choose some exotic or unique destinations. In order to prove our point, we’ve compiled a short list of the best places to visit in October. For many of us, this month signifies full autumn, but in other parts of the globe, summer still reigns true.

That being said, we’ll jump right to the subject; one of the best places to visit in October has to be Cyprus, a very interesting country with great climate. The specific destination that we want to recommend is the island of Paphos; here, the summer extends all the way to November, so you can still enjoy the beach and water. The sights and landscapes are magnificent, and the beautiful coastal villages are a must-see. Here, you can also find some gorgeous holiday houses near the beach, so you can enjoy the full charm of the island. If you are searching for the best places to visit in Europe, this is a great destination because the weather is nice almost all through the year, the climate is welcoming and the culture very interesting.

If you’re looking for a more urban and cultural area, then you might like to visit a city like Munich. Located in Germany, in an area that used to be the kingdom of Bavaria, Munich has maintained much of its imperial splendor. Filled with castles, palaces and museums, the city was restored in its original form even after the devastating bombings of World War II. Furthermore, October is the best period to visit the city, because it is when the famous Oktoberfest takes place; during the festivities, you can enjoy the costumed parades, the music, the happenings, and, of course, some of the hundreds of types of beer. This is definitely one of the best places to visit in Europe because it offers attractions for everyone and it is a diverse city.

It doesn’t matter when you choose to take your vacation, you still have as many options as any other time of the year. For something a bit more exotic, the best place to visit in October can be Hokkaido, Japan. This northern island is mostly famous for its springtime cherry blossoms, but in autumn, the visitors can admire many other flower fields and plantations, and take in stunning colors like orange, red and gold. And if you want even more relaxation, you can always try one of the many hot springs that exist here.

We’ve sifted through both European and Asian culture, and it’s time to pay attention to some Arab culture as well. In order to learn more about this part of the world, one of the best places to visit in October is Marrakesh, Morocco. In fact, visiting the city in October is actually ideal, because during summer the temperatures can get very hot, making it impossible for visitors to see the surroundings. Endowed with many fortresses, mosques, bazaars and narrow street ways, Marrakesh is a lovely and mysterious city which still maintains the charm that attracted hippies and artists in the 1960s.

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