Best Kamikaze Drink Recipes

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Kamikaze is a drink that was created in 1974. It was very well received and its popularity boomed after being advertised by Smirnoff. Nowadays there are countless variations from the classic recipe. No matter what your favorite recipe is, if you are in a mood for a party then you should definitely choose a Kamikaze drink.

  • Creation

Like most cocktails, the Kamikaze was created by an enthusiastic bartender. His name was Liam and he worked at the Eliot Lounge in Boston. He made the drink by adding triple sec to vodka. He then splashed a few drops of lime juice and shook the drink. It is important to know that the amount of vodka was quite large for an average cocktail. However, the public welcomed this brain hammering drink. The bartender named the new cocktail after himself, calling it Liam. He served it in a beer mug which made it quite fun. After a few years, a similar drink was presented in a Smirnoff advertisement under a new name, Kamikaze. Needless to say that it soon became a cocktail phenomenon.

  • Classic Kamikaze drink

As we mentioned before, the Kamikaze is famous across the globe. The classic recipe is the most popular recipe and it can be found in a lot of bars. However, you should know that this classic drink has a very bad reputation of instantly getting drunk the people who drink it. In order to prepare it you need 1 oz Vodka, 1 oz lime juice and 1 oz Cointreau, Grand Marnier or Triple Sec. You mix all the ingredients in a shaker and then you pour it into an unusual glass and you add some crushed ice. Before you pour the drink you can decorate the rim of the glass with sugar. You do this by dipping the rim in lime juice and then dipping it in sugar. Feel free to use crazy straws and umbrellas in order to decorate the cocktail.

  • Blue kamikaze drink recipe

The blue kamikaze is the most popular variation of the classic cocktail. It is very easy to prepare and it looks quite sophisticated due to its unusual color. In order to prepare it you need 1 ¼ ounces of vodka, ¾ ounces blue Curacao, ½ ounce lime juice and ice. You mix the ingredients in a shaker and then you pour them in a 4 ½ ounces cocktail glass.

  • Kamikaze Mocktail recipe

As a big fan of the Kamikaze drink it can be quite unpleasant to be the designated driver at a party. However, your night could lighten up a little if you try the non-alcoholic version of the Kamikaze. It is easy to make and quite delicious. All you need is 2 ounces fresh orange juice, 2 ounces lime juice, crushed ice and 3 dashed of Angostura bitters. You mix the ingredients in the shaker and pour them in a cocktail glass. Add the crushed ice and decorate with a slice of orange.

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