Backpacking through Europe – what to pack, where to go and other great tips

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When it comes to holiday destinations, Europe is by far the place to find everything you are looking for – quiet villages and crowded, sprawling cities, mountains and beaches, promenades, boulevards and railways. Some places are exactly how you see them in photos: the Harry Potter-like style and air can be found in Oxford’s colleges, Paris is the place to look for romance and Rome is the place where you can eat as much as you can without anyone judging you. Going on European tours is definitely exciting, but at the same time you have to ensure you have packed everything you need. Here are some great tips to consider if you plan to backpack through the Old Land.

First, carefully pick the season

Europe is truly amazing, but only if you have the patience and the time to visit all its beautiful tourist attractions. It is essential that you pick your season wisely. All European countries are beautiful holiday destinations, but they can also get very crowded in peak season, which usually happens from April to October. Whether you choose the romantic France, the delicious Italy, the “caliente” Spain, you will see completely different, less crowded and quieter countries.

Choose your itinerary

Before going on a Europe trip, you need to spend some time making the itinerary of your journey. Do some research on the Internet and select the destinations you like the most. Some cities and countries must be included in your travel list at least once in your lifetime. Places like Rome, Paris, London, Barcelona and many more are going to leave you mesmerized. There are other smaller cities worth visiting as well, but you’d better start with the big ones.

Select your accommodation wisely

If you are planning a trip around Europe and you want to visit as many countries as possible, you have to be very savvy about accommodation. It is essential you do not rush into the first hotels you find on Google’s search results pages, because in most cases those are the most expensive bookings in the region you are traveling to. It is best you do some detailed online research and look for some cheaper alternatives. Even when you are going to Europe’s priciest destinations, there is still a hostel system there that has room for those looking for cost-effective accommodation. After all, you only need a warm place to sleep at night, because you will be heading towards new adventures as soon as the sun rises. In case you do not like hostels for instance and you are looking for something more private, you can opt for homestays, because there are many families waiting for foreigner guests to welcome to dinner.

Don’t be afraid to try local food

Europe is known for having some of the best food in the world. The most used Italian word in the entire world is obviously “pizza”, whereas France is known for its sophisticated dishes that will make your mouth water. Take advantage of the “happy hours”, because then you can order more food for a better price. Make sure that you read a bit on the Internet about how the locals eat their food, to ensure that your eating style does not offend anyone. Traditional food is a must to try in every country you are traveling to.

Take advantage of the freebies

Some European countries may have some great festivals going on when you are visiting them, but the tickets to those festivals may be quite expensive for you. However, even though you are on a budget, it does not mean you have to stay on the side-lines and miss out all the fun. Even in the most sophisticated cities there is always something available for the low-budget ones. In each and every city, there are many things you can do for free. For instance, you can visit France’s most famous museums, such as the Louvre, for free if you go there on the first Sunday of the month.

Stray from the beaten path

Sure, backpacking through Europe and visiting all capital cities is interesting and tempting, but the capital city is not always the most interesting part of a country. There are many other places to visit in that country and you will be having a lot more fun if you stray away from the beaten path from time to time. Going in a mountainous area or going for a walk on the beach, visiting the countryside and other natural tourist attractions will definitely take your breath away.

Travel expands the mind, and this is not something said only by scientists, but also by other travellers. It is the perfect method through which you can recharge your batteries for the moment you come back to “reality” and go to work again on a daily basis. By considering these tips mentioned above, planning a Europe trip is no longer complicated.