Attic Insulation – a way of saving energy and money

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Many homeowners states that during winter, they have to pay a lot of money for their energy bills, and they just cannot find the cause of these expenses. However, this is not the only issue homeowners experience during winter, they also notice that in some parts of the day their house is not warm enough, even if the HVAC system is properly working. Well, this is one of the most well-known cases, of a house that features an attic that is not properly insulated and the warm air is wafting up into the attic and through the roof. When asked about the main causes of heat lose, experts state that the attic is one of them, and the only solution for solving this issue is to contract a professional insulation company from Toronto, to come and asses the specific aspects of your house, and suggest an option for you. Insulation not only that would improve the temperature of the house in the winter, but it would also prevent the air from escaping in the hot season.

Is insulation helping you to save money?

Well, attic insulation would definitely help you save money, but the sum would depend on some specific aspects. The first factor which influences the amount of money you save is the habits your family has. In addition, you should be aware that the attic is not the only source of air leaks, because the windows and doors could also lead to it, in case they are not tight enough. The type of heating might also influence the success of the insulation. Nevertheless, considering all these aspects, and how they might influence the attic insulation you should know that the majority of homeowners are able to save somewhere between 30 and 50 percent.

Start by sealing the air leaks from the attic

The first step in insulating the attic would be to pull back any existing insulation, and take a look at the possible sources of air leaks. You should use expanding spray foam to insulate ceiling perforations, gaps around the plumbing system, and even holes close to the electrical wires. You have to make sure that you seal all around the pipes, because this increases the performance of the insulation. In case you notice any big gaps, it is advisable to use caulk for sealing them, because expanding foam would not offer the same benefits.

Pay attention to vent chutes

In case you have installation on your roof, you should pull it off, and check the condition of the vent chutes. In case they are too damaged, you should consider replacing them, because you would spend a lot of money on repairing them, and they might influence the effect of the attic insulation, especially if you live in Toronto. It is advisable to position the new vent chutes into the overhang. You should not ignore to change or repair the vent chutes because they have a major role in the effectiveness of the insulation. They allow the air to move so as the moisture to not appear during the summer or winter. After installing the vent chutes, you should turn off the light in the attic, and see if you are able to see any light eaves through them. In case they are blocked, you should consider replacing them, because you have the possibility to choose from different types of chutes. It is recommended to pull back the older insulation, because other way you will not be able to check the state of the vent chute.

Key spots to insulate in an attic

You have to consider the purpose of the attic before starting to insulate it, because the methods might vary according to it. Therefore, if you know that you intend to use the attic only as a storage space, you should consider insulating the floor, because in this way you will trap the warm air below the stairs, and you will be able to have a comfortable stay in the rooms under it. This is also the case for the attics, which are unfinished. In case you have finished it and you want to use it as a room, you should consider insulating above the finished areas. In case you are living in an older house, you should check the state of the insulation, because there are chances for it to be compressed or not to be as effective as in the beginnings. If you have insulation in your attic, it is recommended to apply a new coat of insulation on the top of the old one, because it would reap its benefits, and you would enjoy a warmer house in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Consider the insulation options

When choosing between the multiple types of insulation from the market, you have to consider the purpose of the attic, because different types of insulation are suitable to be used for certain purposes. One option would be to use bats of fiberglass, which is the fluffy insulation that comes usually in a pink color. Other option would be to use cellulose insulation, which is widely used by professional companies, because they consider it more cost effective, when they compare it with other types of insulation. In addition, you should know that cellulose insulation is made from a high percent of recycled materials, which is the cause of the affordable price you will have to pay for it. In case you decide to insulate the attic by yourself, you might not want to use this type on insulation, because it has to be blown with a professional device into the ceiling and walls. However, if you want to take advantage of its benefits, you will not think twice and hire a reliable company to handle the process, because they would know exactly how to install the cellulose. In addition, the quantity of the cellulose is very important when opting for this type of insulation, so you should ask for professional help. These are the main aspects you should keep in mind when insulating your attic.