Astrology and palmistry – are they connected

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Astrology and palmistry – are they connected

There are two groups of people, those who believe in astrology, but they do not know too many details about it, and those who deny its validity, and know even less than the first ones. But, the fact is that astrology exists from ancient times and it is proven that the movement of the planets affects people’s lives even if they are aware of it or not. The ones, who are interested in astrology, know that the stars have the power to influence people’s traits of character, body and face, but they always ask themselves if there is a connection between the lines of the palm, the hand shape and astrology. Nowadays there are software programs that can calculate the position of the planets, and if the astrologer has basic knowledge in the domain, and they are familiar with the astrological techniques, they will have no issues in determining people’s weaknesses and strengths.

If you want to visit an Indian astrologer in Sydney you should know that the psychic will create an astrological chart based on your date, time and place of birth. It is similar to a road map, and it will describe your weaknesses and strengths and it will depict your attitude towards possessions and money, the way your mind processes information and operates. The chart will show up even details about your attitude towards your family. There are studies that show that each mound and finger correspond to a planet, and this means that there is a connection between astrology and palmistry.

Advantages of astrology

The main reason people see astrologers is that they are aware that this technique offers an in depth reading, and this makes it different from the other fortune-telling techniques. The majority of astrologers state that compared with the other reading techniques, this one provides an accurate divination reading, and this is why people should see an astrologer almost once in their life. This fortune-telling technique is so accurate because it implies using complex mathematical calculations in order to obtain the reading, and the psychics have to achieve great knowledge in order to clearly interpret the data. This means that there is no room for a subjective view, hunches or any other things that may influence the reading, the natal card and the birth chart are the ones that determine the reading. A great benefit astrology offers is that it provides information and insight of the people related to you and not only about you as an individual. If you want to find details about your family members, then you will get a full display with the help of the charts.

Advantages of palmistry

If it were to compare palmistry and astrology, then we should state that palmistry is seen as a simple and easy way of divination. The palmist does not need to use computers and solve mathematical equations in order to offer you a reading. The fact is that you can get basic information by yourself, if you examine your hand. But you have to have some knowledge of the meaning of the lines, and at this point it is advisable to talk with someone who has experience in doing this. When you meet a palmist, you will see that they will be able to answer your questions quite quickly. Depending on your questions, the session may last even 10 or 15 minutes, so you will not have to waste a lot of time. The palm reader will not need to study aspects, signs, and complex planetary combinations. They only have to know some basic rules of this form of divination and they can perform the reading and offer you complete details.

Are astrology and palmistry similar to each other?

Palm readers create a palmistry chart and astrologers design a natal chart. The common point of astrology and palmistry is that both of them offer details about your weaknesses and strengths and other details connected to your personality characteristics. Both these divination techniques can offer you an explanation of the things that happened into your past, and focus on your future. The difference is that palmistry offers you information on the actions that happened into your past, but astrology has in view the things that happened in the past and that influence your life. In astrology, you are not responsible for your actions, an extern force made you react in a certain way, but in palmistry, you are the one who is responsible for your choices and actions. You are always living in the energies coming from the stars and planets, and this means that your body will absorb these energies continuously. The energies from the zodiac will always influence your body and this is why it is advisable to see a psychic who is specialised in offering both palm astrological reading, because in this way you will get complete information.