Arts and Crafts Activities for Toddlers

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Arts and crafts activities for toddlers are a great way for your baby to explore the world. In the early years, child development is based on learning through experience. Such activities develop your child’s motor skills, help build self confidence and self esteem. There is no minimum age to start learning, because even the youngest baby can touch and explore materials.

The paper pasta necklace

Arts and crafts activities such as the paper pasta necklace are a great way to bond with your toddler. You will only need uncooked tube-shapes pasta, paint, hole punch, pencil, construction paper, scissors and string about 18 inches long.

1. Start by drawing different 3 inch long shapes on the construction paper, such as hearts, fish, starts or flowers. Cut the shapes out and punch a hole in each of them. Paint the pasta and leave it to dry.

2. Teach your child how to string the paper shapes and the dyed pasta onto the string. You can also use straws instead of pasta, although it would be more difficult for a toddler to string them. Alternate one shape with one tube until there are 2 inches of string left. Tie the ends together to complete the necklace.

Feather painting

This is one of the easiest arts and crafts activities for toddlers which develops the ability to create and imagine. Gather some feathers, paper, glue and tempera paint. You will also need some plastic plates.

1. Mix the tempera and the glue on the plastic plate. Teach your baby how to use the feathers to brush paint onto the piece of paper and create shapes. Use bright colors such as orange, red, blue and green.

2. If you want to make a feather collage, leave a few feathers on the painting. The glue will dry and the feathers will stick to the paper. You can also add flowers, branches, marbles and leaves.

Ice cube painting

The ice cube painting is a coloring mixing activity that develops fine tune motor skills. Toddlers love to use all of their senses and get their hands dirty. For this activity you will need water, food coloring or tempera powder, an ice cube tray, craft sticks, and paper.

1. Make colored water by adding 5 drops of coloring or tempera to ΒΌ cup of water and mix it. You can add more drops if you want the color to be more intense. Make yellow, blue, red and green colored water and spoon in the mix into each tray section. You can combine yellow and red to create orange and blue and red to create purple. Place the tray inside the freezer.

2. After 30-45 minutes, check the ice tray and if the water is half frozen add the craft sticks in the center of the cubes. After all the cubes are frozen, take the tray out and leave it at room temperature until you can take them out.

3. Give your child the cubes and paper. Usually kids keep on painting until all the cubes melt.

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