Army surplus items – why you need them and how to buy them

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The army apparel has become quite the inspiration for contemporary fashions designers, and every person who knows style and keeps up with the latest trends, has at least one item of army provenance in their wardrobe. The market stands at your disposal with an impressive variety of army surplus items, starting from combat or soldier trousers, to holdalls and hiking boots, you will find some great purchase opportunities with just a simple search on the internet. If you have been thinking about including in your wardrobe a few elements of this kind yourself, learning a few things on the subject will probably help you out. Here are the most important things to know about army surplus items:

Reasons to buy military clothing

  • Stylish and fashionable

Even if it might seem hard to believe, by simply wearing the right pair of military trousers, you can make a great impression with your sense of style. Army inspired outfits have become quite the hype in the fashion industry lately, and more and more celebrities have started to incorporate military elements in their street style looks. Just by browsing through the offers of a regular clothing store, it will be impossible not to come across at least one element that resembles the military apparel, not to mentioned shops that focus their merchandise exclusively on these types of looks, such as The Army Store. One could say that army gear has even become embedded in our overall cultural sense of fashion. Overcoats with military embellishments add a touch of class and originality to any outfit, being an amazing statement piece. Camouflage combat pants have become an iconic choice for fashionable looks, being worn in numerous countries over the world and those classic army boots are not just for hiking, being a great option for outfits that adhere to the latest fashion trends.

  • Practical

Besides style, what make army surplus such a good investment is the practicality that these types of items have to offer. If you are the type of person who enjoys partaking in various outdoor activities with regularity, wearing army gear is the best option you have. Because army surplus is designed to be extremely practical, they can be worn in various situations that involve the outdoors. From hiking, to fishing or even paintballing, you will not go wrong with this option. The military boots will make it easy for you to walk and climb off roads, without experiencing discomfort or pain, the camouflage print of the clothes will be extremely convenient when you are off hunting, and the strong and waterproof fabric of some of the army surplus items will be excellent during unpleasant weather conditions. As long as you are wearing the right clothes, you will manage to enjoy outdoor activities to the fullest.

  • Easy to resale

If you have spent a large amount on a pair of military trousers for example, you should not worry that you are wasting money, because these types of clothes can easily be resold, the range of buyers being quite an impressive one. Moreover, if you have a few collectable items, and you someday decide to sell them, their value might even increase, and you can obtain quite a good deal on them. There is a collector’s market for army surplus, so a resale is always possible, if you decide that these types of clothes are not for you.

Army surplus buying tips you should know about

If this is the first time buying army surplus, you will probably need a bit of help, so the following purchase guidelines will come in handy:

  • Quality matters

Although you might buy authentic military trousers or army jackets, for example, you probably desire for the items to resemble the actual army uniform as much as possible. This means that the clothes need to be of high quality. Whether you are buying from an online store, or a physical one, make sure to make quality your first buying consideration. Check product description, look at the clothes or at the pictures (when buying online) with attention, and choose options that will not disappoint you in terms of quality. Even if you might have to pay a bit more, in order to benefit from more qualitative army surplus, the price difference is worth paying.

  • Return policy

Because you will probably end up making your purchase online (this being the fastest and most convenient option you have), before placing an order, you should research the policies of the online store with attention. Perhaps you might not like the products received, or the size ordered does not fit you as well as you thought it would – in these situations, knowing you have the chance to return and replace the items will give you peace of mind. Although there might be shops that do not offer you this possibility, the most reputable ones do, so research this particular aspect in advance, to save yourself from potential purchase inconveniences. 

  • Read online reviews

To actually make sure the online store from which you will be buying your army surplus is the perfect option, do some online digging, and see if you can find any reviews or testimonials from customers. If the store has failed to meet customer demands, or has used false advertising for their items, you will most certainly come across some complaints. Reading online reviews will help you decide if you are on the point of purchasing from the right store, or if you should start looking for alternatives, so do not overlook the importance of this aspect.

As you can see, incorporating army surplus items into your outfits can be a great choice in terms of practicality and contemporary fashion. Now that you now why you should have at least a few items of army attire inspiration in your wardrobe, as well as how to make the right purchases, you can go online and start browsing for purchase opportunities. Combining a practical sense of style with a modern and fashionable one is possible if you choose these type of items, so start shopping.