Armor Games Based on Historical Events

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If you are a fan of historical events and recreating important passages of history through the use of virtual worlds, then the gaming industry has always provided you with incredible options to fulfill your passion. From the dedicated Minecraft hosting solutions which allow you to construct and help create each of the important settlings of the past to newcomer games, such as Total War Kingdoms, where you can take part in the tactics and strategy behind the events.

Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms is one of the most accurate real-time tactics armor games based on historical events. The game was developed by The Creative Assembly’s Australian studio as an expansion to the 2006 game Medieval II: Total War. It includes four new campaigns based on real historical facts: The discovery of America, the 13th century British Isles, the Third and Fourth crusade and the Middle Ages Teutonic campaign. So if you want to enter fun virtual worlds that are also historically accurate or want to make the transition from Minecraft to a different type of game, we recommend this one, as the atmosphere in it is really unique and enticing.

Each campaign focuses on different eras and must be individually installed. The first one takes place in the early sixteenth century when Central America was colonized by Europeans. Respecting the paths of history, the Europeans have a hard time exploring the violent land while the Native Americans try to stall the invasion and expand their own lands. The second campaign named Britannia takes place in the British Isles in 1258. The isles are controlled by the Kingdom of England, but their forces are threatened by Brian O’Neill who has succeeded in uniting the Irish and by the welsh under Prince Llywelyn ap Gruffydd’s command. The English ally with the Scots in the north, but the Norwegians are also returning to the Isles to conquest Britannia.

The Crusades Campaign takes place before the outbreak of the Third Crusade and continues beyond the Fourth Crusade. The Principality of Antioch and he Kingdom of Jerusalem wants to strengthen the Christianity, while the Turks and Egyptians try to push them back. Emperor Manuel Komnenos acts against the Turks in an attempt to regain his former glory. Not many armor games are able to recreate such complex historical events. In the last campaign, the focus is on the conflict between the Teutonic Order, Eastern European Paganism and Christianity.

Dynasty Warriors is an award-winning series of action armor games developed by Koei and Omega Force. It is based on the Koei’s series and Chinese classical novel called Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Approximately 18 million copies of the game were sold throughout the world. Most of the stages recreate battles from the The Three Kingdoms and Han Dynasty periods, part of the Six Dynasties. Some elements are purely fictional, such as the battle between Wu and Nanman.

Although the series referenced many factual people, some of the historical characters from records or in Romance of the Three Kingdoms were modified. Wei Yan becomes a tribal warrior while Zhang He is more fragile and feminine. Moreover, some characters have magical abilities and female figures who do not appear in history or the battles in the novel are described as fearsome warriors with incredible weapons and skills. However, this game is still an interactive learning opportunity for kids and a great way to develop their curiosity about historical events. Thus, you can play fun games and learn at the same time, almost without effort and in a manner that makes lots of things seem interesting, perhaps even more so than they would appear in a simple history book.

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