Are you being stalked? Here is how to deal with this situation

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You may have the misconception that only celebrities are being stalked, but studies show that more and more people are being stalked, even if they are not famous. It is important for you to protect yourself in case you consider that someone is stalking you, because this action can lead to violent crimes. Not all stalkers are satisfied with taking photos, the majority of them want to get in touch with the person they stalk and receive the same attention they offer. During the initial phase you may consider it something harmless, especially if the person who follows you does not try to contact you, but if you notice that you meet them more than once a day, multiple days then the situation can progress, and you should take action.

It is important for people to know that stalkers are not the same, and there are different strategies to deal with them. The majority of them suffer from mental health issues, and this is why it is important to pay attention.

Talk with a person you trust

In the majority of cases people can identify who the person who follows them is, and according to their identity there are certain steps that have to be followed. In case you know them then the first thing you have to do is to stop communicating with them. You should not return their calls, respond to their emails, or talk to them. Victims are advised to take these actions, because if they would want to call the police later, the stalker can introduce doubt into the investigation if they prove that the victim has encouraged them to continue. If you notice that there is someone who is following you constantly, or bothers you with calls and emails, then you should talk with a friend or family member.  

You should share your issue with someone, because if you will take police action you will need someone to support what you state. In case the person who calls you is not someone you know, then you should share your thoughts with a person you trust, and contact the police.

Contact the police

It does not matter if you know the person who is stalking you or not, it is advisable to inform the police about the situation, even if you do not feel comfortable. Some people prefer to wait until the person is threatening them or the ones they loved, before they contact the authorities, but if you do not feel safe, then there is no reason to postpone the moment. You can talk to your friends and family members but the fact is that they cannot offer you the protection you need, only the police can do it. When you contact the police you should show them your correspondence, so they will understand the complexity of the issue. You should know that during the investigation the police will advise you to take some measures in order to keep a distance from your stalker. You will have to use an unlisted number, a private P.O. will deliver your mail and you may even have your address blocked at the registration office.

Try to find more info about your stalker

As stated before, if you want the police to be able to take measures quickly you should offer them complete information about your case. You should ask someone to accompany you when you get out of the house, if the stalker has the habit to follow you around the city. Also, if you have noticed that a certain number or multiple numbers are calling you and someone is threatening you, then you should use a reverse phone lookup program to offer you information about the person who is calling you. You should not respond to calls anymore, if you notice that the person who is calling you threatens you. Also, you should not respond to correspondence, but you should keep a record of everything, because it will be used as evidence when you will call the police. It is advisable to use a software that offers you the possibility to record your calls. In case the stalker is following you when you get out of the house, then you should write down their license plate number and even try to take a photo of them. In case you cannot take a photo, you should try to identify if they have any specific marks like tattoos, birthmarks or piercings.

You should know that some people use to stalk other persons because they feel lonely, others do it because they consider it funny, and there are people who have a co-dependent behaviour. A specialist will identify the type of stalker you are dealing with, and they will offer you recommendations on how to deal with them. You should be aware that the majority of stalkers become more aggressive when they notice that you ignore them.