Antique Ceramic Artists

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The process of pottery is a creative practice that helps ceramic artists design their works of art. Ceramic products can have a decorative role and some of them are regarded as artifacts in archeology. They are made from clay and other materials that (can) allow the experts to explore the options they have and to make fine art.

Antique ceramic artists

Some great discoveries have been made throughout the ages regarding ceramics. The oldest pottery products located in America were made 6,000 years ago. During this period many cultures developed different styles of pottery. Here are three of the cultures that laid  the foundation of ceramic art.

  • The Paracas culture developed a great method in order to protect ceramic objects from damage. After they burned the products, they applied oil in order for the colors to last longer.
  • The Moche cultures produced figurines decorated with beige and red colors. Their most representative work includes vases that have human faces painted on them or other pottery painted with war scenes or celebrations.
  • The Hopi people are recognized for the paintings they did. They had different painting styles which could vary from one village to another.

There are some important Chinese ceramic artists who have influenced the pottery process in a great way by making refined pieces of art from the Eastern Han period to the Six Dynasties. We present you the characteristics of the most emblematic dynasties:

  • The Tang Dynasty was remarked for sculptures which had drawings representing people’s goods: model houses, boats, and animals. The majority of these sculptures were illegally pulled out from people’s graves.
  • The Song Dynasty is regarded by experts as the most important period for Chinese ceramics. The artifacts produced in this period are very subtle and they are very appreciated in the entire world. The ceramic artists used potting techniques, simple shapes and glaze. The decorations consist of  lines made with the help of a knife.
  • Chinese ceramics of the Ming Dynasty have a wide reputation; they are exuberantly painted ceramics and they were manufactured in order to be used at court. The ceramic artist marked these objects with the emperor’ reign mark and this is the reason why they are considered to be so precious.

Ceramics can be very expensive objects. This is why you must ask for an expert’s opinion when you are thinking of buying one.