Amazing Yet Simple Wedding Themes

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Picking a theme for your wedding can be a very challenging mission and the level of difficulty should be established according to your budget and your spare time. If you are not a master planner, you don’t have a lot of time and you can’t afford a wedding planner we recommend that you check out some simple wedding theme ideas that mainly revolve around colors. Mint and emerald are very popular this summer and purple is always a nice choice, especially for an autumn wedding. If you are a more daring bride you could also go for a rainbow theme. You can decorate the reception area with all possible colors and have all your bridesmaids wear a different shade. However these wedding themes ideas are not for the obsessed brides. If you want your wedding to be the event of the year we have a couple of ideas that will surely impress all of your guests. Most of these decorations can be done at home which means that you won’t even have to spend a lot of money. However, doing your own decorations means that your wedding to do list will be a lot longer. We hope that our suggestions will ease some of the planning burden as this ideas are simple yet fabulous.

  • Rustic outdoor party

Rustic outdoor wedding themes are crazy romantic and very picturesque. If you go for such a theme you can make sure that you will end up with some amazing pictures at all the hours of the day. The decorations are simple and cheap. For centerpieces you can choose logs instead of vases and decorate them with your favorite flowers. They look good both vertical and horizontal. Bird cage centerpieces are also spectacular if they are well decorated. If you have a big old tree you could set the dancing area around it and decorate the tree with paper lanterns. This will look amazing in the evening. Furthermore you could also put Christmas lights around the garden in order to create a fairy wonderland. For the ceremony decor we recommend a canopy made of logs (preferably with white bark) decorated with your favorite flowers as well as clear beads. Behind the bride and grooms table you can set a curtain made of carnations on strings. A flower curtain looks good will all types of flowers but carnations are cheap and they go particularly well with weddings.

  • Crystal wedding

If you want a glamorous wedding than you should definitely choose a crystal theme. Go for tall crystal vases with white flowers. You can also add a couple of taller branches in the mix which you can decorate with crystal beads. Speaking of branch decorations, a nice idea would be to have them crystallized. You simple put some glue on the branches and then you toss them in a bag of crystal beads. You could also try this with sea salt and you will obtain a sort of snowy branches. Another great centerpiece idea is a tall vase with baby breath submerged in water and a floating candle on top.

  • Beach wedding

As far as wedding themes go, the beach is preferably on top of the location preferences. Given the fact that you already have a great natural decor, you don’t have to put a lot of effort in the decorations. A simple tulle canopy will look great with the sea decor. You can also make tea pees out of bamboo sticks with flower bouquets on top. The centerpieces for beach wedding themes are extremely easy to make. All you need are some large glasses or clear bowls( fish bowls look particularly good) filled with sand, seashells and a candle.

  • Just a few tips

In order for the ceremony to be spectacular you need to have a wow factor. Whether you have a tent dancing area decorated with countless Christmas lights or you have a big decorative crystal tree behind the bride and groom table, make sure that the wow factor is glamorous and opulent. Another great idea is to have the ceiling decorated with clear Christmas globes which will look like bubbles. Whatever you choose, make sure that it represents you. You don’t have to make compromises to have a fabulous wedding. All you need is a little time and effort. Try to make a time schedule for your wedding to do list so that you don’t leave everything on the last minute. In order to be able to enjoy this special day you need to take care of most of the plans in advance. Picking a theme for your wedding will help you a lot as you won’t waste a lot of time with the decorations. Just stick with the ones that match your theme.

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