Advantages and Disadvantages of Weighted Training Clothes

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The weighted training clothes have recently become very popular among those who go to the gym or perform various physical activities. The main reason for this is the fact that they offer you the convenience of adding or removing weight to different parts of the body. Therefore, you can opt for weighted vests or sleeves, ankle or wrist weights, weighted belts, and so on. The purpose of such clothing is to increase the intensity of an exercise, being the perfect solution for resistance training. Adding weighted clothing to your training routine has many advantages, but there are also some disadvantages that have to be considered. Here we will talk about both of them, so keep reading for more information.

Advantages of Weighted Training Clothes

  • Helps You Burn Calories Faster: It’s already a known fact that when you exercise, your body burns calories, the physical activity being one of the best ways to lose weight. However, when you wear weighted training clothes, you will be able to fasten the burning calories process and get to the ideal weight much faster.
  • There’s No Need to Use Hand-Held Weights: Another great advantage of using such clothing is the fact that you won’t have to use hand-held weights anymore. This is quite convenient considering the fact that you can perform various activities without exposing yourself to all sorts of weight lifting injuries that can easily occur. Also, this means that you will be focused more on doing the exercises properly and less on how to hold the weight.
  • You Can Easily Adjust Them: Some weighted clothing can be adjusted in order to work with different body types. This is possible because they come with various straps that can be easily adjusted to make them fit perfectly. There are pieces of clothing that can be used by both men and women without any inconvenience, which is a great advantage.
  • Adds Resistance to the Workout: This is one of the main reason why people choose to wear weighted clothing. Due to the fact that your body is forced to work with more weight, it will eventually become more resistant, thus being able to lift more weight easily and without exposing yourself to all sorts of risks.
  • Helps You Become Much Stronger: Soon enough after you introduce the weighted training clothes in your workout, you will see some significant changes in your muscles. They will develop much faster and they will become much stronger because they have to work harder to support all the extra weight. The result is a stronger body that can easily deal with various daily tasks.
  • Improves the Cardiovascular System: Since your body has to work harder, the heart circulation will be greatly improved, helping the heart become much stronger. Also, the blood flow to the heart and to the entire body will be greatly increased, helping you release the toxins, boost energy, and so on. There are many benefits of a good cardiovascular system, so why not doing the right things to enjoy a longer life?

Disadvantages of Weighted Training Clothes

  • You Can Injure Yourself: This usually happens to beginners who tend to add too much weight without being prepared to handle it properly. Therefore, it’s recommended that you take things slowly and get used to the weight before you start adding some more. You have to learn how to maintain your balance with the extra weight in order to avoid falls because otherwise you may be exposed to severe injuries.
  • Add Pressure on Joints: Unfortunately, the weighted clothing can also put too much pressure on joints if not used properly. This may lead to various injuries that may seriously affect your overall health. Therefore, it’s recommended that you handle the weight properly and avoid them if you usually have joint pains.
  • Can Cause Poor Posture: Another disadvantage of wearing weighted training clothes is that it can cause bad posture if you don’t use it properly. In general, bad posture leads to back and neck pains, so you have to be careful when you add extra weight because your body may not handle it, so you may have to deal with back strains.


All in all, wearing weighted clothing has to offer you many advantages, but you have to choose the right training clothes if you don’t want to put yourself at risks. Besides the fact that with the help of these clothes you can add more resistance to your training and improve your physical health, you can also adjust them for your needs. In what concerns the drawbacks, they can be easily eliminated if you know all the possible risks and take things slowly.