Advantages And Disadvantages Of Careers In Marketing

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If you are an energetic person that enjoys challenges, working with people and constantly improving yourself then you should probably consider a career in marketing. Due to the fact that marketing is such a complex field, there are a great variety of jobs that are related to it. Most marketing jobs are very fulfilling and usually have a lot of benefits. In most cases these types of jobs have an income which is correlated with the amount of work. Given this fact we can all agree that such a career is suited for people who are willing to work hard and control their way to success. They definitely don’t apply to people who are found of routine.

One of the best advantage of careers in marketing is the job diversity. You can work in advertising, brand promotion, retail, market research, public relations, customer relations and many more. Due to the fact that marketing is based on the relation between a company and the customers most of the jobs involve social interaction with both clients as well as co-workers. This means that each day has different challenges and requires a lot of creativity. However there are a few fields that require less social skills and more analytical thinking such as market research.

Another great advantage of careers in marketing is that you get to see the results of your work. Due to the fact that you have a direct influence on the company’s success your results are more likely to be noticed. This means that you have more promotion opportunities and you also have a certain control over your income. Most jobs ( especially those in the sales areas) have a certain target that needs to be accomplished over a period of time. Furthermore the jobs in marketing are usually defined by a rapid pace which makes them ideal for energetic people.

Despite the many advantages of careers in marketing there are also some disadvantages. Due to the diversity of job responsibilities as well as the fast paced rhythm such a job can sometimes become stressful. It requires a lot of dedication and you must always have a constant level of productivity. Furthermore this is also a very competitive field. The competition takes place both with other companies as well as between the work colleagues. Entry level jobs don’t require a lot of experience but they are very demanding due to the fact that there are a large number of applicants.

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