A Career List to Focus Your Goals

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Most people find it difficult to choose a career, because by the time they finish college or university, they have not matured enough to realize what they’d like to spend the rest of their lives doing. Of course, nobody says you have to stick with the same career all your life, but since most people also want security, this is the common approach to this issue. Those little few who know from an early age what career path they want to choose are the lucky ones, because once you’ve set your goals, all you have to do is work hard and not let anything deter you from your road. As for the rest of us, we have to do our best to figure out what we want; one way to start is by making a career list.

A career list can be of various types, or it can include various aspects; it is easy to do, and it will help you focus your goals and realize what would be good for you. For example, you can begin by making a list of your qualities and skills; see what you are best at doing, what you enjoy doing, and what type of intelligence you have. Some people are creative, imaginative, and like to break the rules; such an artistic personality needs a career that allows it to be creative and have freedom of expression. If you have a mathematical intelligence, if you like to know what the rules are, and like certainty, then you need to choose a career in science, or something similar.

When you write a careet list of all your qualities and skills, you can also make a separate column for your disadvantages; this will help even more with your finding a good career. Another list you could make is one with your core values; the core values are something employers like to ask about, because it gives them an idea of who the person answering is. Thus, you could find that you are loyal, that you like to get involved and contribute, that you are a good team-player – or perhaps a leader – , that you like to perfect you skills, that you are adventurous, or that you like challenges or winning.

The qualities above are not singular for finding a good career, but they are just examples of what core values can be; answer honestly to this question, because you are writing it for yourself. The more honest you are, the easier it will be to figure out what your best options are. Once you are done with these lists, you can make a better analysis of your situation and decide on a course of path.

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