6 Innovative Movie Theaters

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Movie theaters have evolved from the standard large screen and comfortable seats to a more unconventional concept. From movie houses powered by the sun to floating cinemas, watching films is becoming a work of art. Below you will find the most innovative 6 movie theaters in the world:

1. The Sol Cinema
The Sol Cinema is a micro theater powered entirely by the sun, located in Swansea, England. A solar generator stores the renewable energy and powers the small cinema during the entire night and day. Even as the films are being shown, the photovoltaic panel captures sunlight and powers a LED video projector. The Sol Cinema has a library of themed short films, music videos, environmentally themed short films, comedy and can accommodate 8 adults.

2. 4DX
The 4DX is one of the most innovative movie theaters in the world. Its designers aim to connect the moviegoer more profoundly with the on-screen characters. The 4DX is located in Seoul, South Korea, and is the first 4D movie house in the world. Scent and movement are combined with 3D movies to create a unique experience, although the amusement park-type effects may not be suitable for children under one meter, people with heart conditions and pregnant women.

3. Archipelago Cinema
Have you ever imagined what it would be like to watch Titanic from an actual boat? The Archipelago Cinema is actually an auditorium raft designed to float on the sea by architect Ole Scheeren. While traditional movie theaters are safe and hidden inside building, this cinema located in the Nai Pi Lae Lagoon, Thailand has a screen nested between the rocks and a raft floating above the sea in the middle of the lagoon that will allow the moviegoers to literally drift into the storyline.

4. Films on Fridges
The Film on Fridges is one of the most incredible movie theaters ever created. As the name suggests, this cinema is primary constructed from reclaimed fridges. Its design was inspired by the East London’s ‘fridge mountain’ located on the East London 2012 Olympic site. This interactive outdoor pop-up cinema shows films with as sporting theme in celebration of the Olympics.

5. Electric Cinema
The Electric Cinema, located in Notting Hill district London, is the movie theaters heaven. This special cinema has sixty-five leather armchair with cashmere blankets and footstools. Six comfortable double beds are placed in the front row and three loveseat sofas at the rear. If you want to bring your sweetheart on a date, make sure you plan in advance because these book out quickly.

6. Rooftop Cinema
The outdoor Rooftop Cinema is located in Melbourne on the top of a building that houses a bookstore, a cookie bar and a kung fu academy. The theater offers 185 colored deck chairs, blankets and a unique urban environment. The Rooftop Cinema projects classic, art house and recent release films.

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