5 Websites With PC Reviews for Hardware Components

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The first thing you must consider when looking at computer hardware review sites is the quality of the information. The second aspect is how much of the current products does the site review and third, using which method. Although most people prefer to Google the name of a component, this method is not effective and can lead you off. If you are planning to build a new computer, are new to the computer hardware or just like to keep up with the latest is computer hardware, these 5 websites for PC reviews will provide you with reliable information.

1. Tom’s Hardware Reviews
If you are looking for reliable PC reviews, this UK-based website will not disappoint. The site is also great for non-English speakers because it is offered in multiple languages. The reviews give a good feel about the components and the website provides benchmarks, thorough technical specs and a comparison option. If you just started out looking at products, you may find the monthly looks at best values very useful. Although the website is nicely organized, sometimes it is difficult to find the exact hardware you are looking for.

2. Hardware Canucks

This Canadian website has a large number of sections, including some for consumer electronics. The PC reviews are good and provide many benchmarks. The built in “Price Compare” feature differentiates this site from other and is ideal for those who have a limited budget. The search feature works great and brings ups exactly what you are looking for.

3. HardOCP
HardOCP is a great site for PC reviews with a modern layout, a drop down menu with links to other sections of the site instead of a traditional navigation bar. Because of this, the page looks uncluttered and fresh. The reviews provide great information about different types of hardware, including things that are harder to find such as water cooling components. Although the articles have a good level of humor, some reviews do not provide many benchmarks so it is wise to consult other websites as well.

4. Overclockers Club
Overclockers Club is a great resource for reviews of different types of computer hardware. Moreover, finding articles is very easy, you just have to click the “Reviews” button at the top and for a specific part you can also use the search engine. The information is reliable and the articles provide many benchmarks.

5. Legion Hardware
Legion Hardware provides quality PC reviews and is one of the best organized websites you can find. If you click the Hardware link you are brought to list of all the reviews that can be sorted in different ways that make finding articles easy. Besides the fact that every piece of hardware is described thoroughly, the site also provides many benchmarks.

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