5 Things You Should Know About Bamboo Textiles

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Bamboo textiles are the latest hack in terms of high-quality materials that can be used to create anything from bamboo sheets to bamboo towels. While bamboo furniture was already a popular trend, nowadays people are beginning to become interested in bamboo textiles due to their many advantages. If you decide to switch to bamboo textiles, here are 5 things you need to know about them.

Bamboo is a grass

Although many of you believe it is a tree, bamboo is actually grass and it’s not long since it has been used in creating fabrics. The bamboo plant can be turned into a fiber either through a mechanical process that implies crushing the woody parts and breaking them into natural fibers or through a mechanical process that implies adding a chemical solvent.

Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly fabrics

The main reason why people choose bamboo textiles like sheets, towels, or bed covers is that bamboo is very environmentally friendly. Bamboo grows very fast and is found on large areas so there is no need to cut down large forests that would have serious consequences. Also, bamboo doesn’t need fertilizers or pesticides during the growing process because it grows very well on its own. This means that it doesn’t emit harmful toxins.

Bamboo can ease your allergy symptoms

The bamboo bedding is an excellent choice for allergy sufferers who need to stay away from allergens and bacteria. Given that the mattress you sleep on collects high amounts of allergens, it is recommended that allergy sufferers sleep on a bamboo one that is naturally hypoallergenic. If you compare bamboo mattresses with any other type available on the market, you will notice that they are more airy, they have a pleasant smell, and they create a natural antibacterial barrier that helps you prevent allergy attacks.

Bamboo fiber is even better than cotton

Most people believe that cotton is the best option when it comes to fabrics but, in fact, bamboo is much better because it can absorb more carbon dioxide that cotton. It takes up to 5 times more CO2 from the air and offers 35% more oxygen in return, thus eliminating the harmful greenhouse gasses and creating the oxygen we so desperately need. While bamboo needs no chemicals and pesticides to grow, cotton requires plenty of them in order to grow, which makes bamboo a better choice than cotton.

Bamboo sheets are softer than any other type of sheets

When it comes to softness, bamboo textiles exceed many other fabrics like cotton, polyester, and even silk. The delicate texture of the bamboo textiles makes them an excellent choice for sheets because we all know how important it is to sleep on comfortable sheets. Also, bamboo stays 3-degrees cooler than any other fabric so you won’t get hot during the night if you choose bamboo sheets.

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