5 Most Addicting Games Of All Time

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Addicting games are not necessarily exceptional, nor do they have incredible graphics and the best example for that is League of Legends. LoL is the most played game in the world, but it does not have the best graphics. They are the games that spoke to many players throughout time and have that certain something that makes them special. They are games that you want to play with all your friends. This is why you can refer a friend LoL. Some of these games were massive hits, while others were just packaged within the operating systems. However, this proves that you don’t need a huge budget to create a game that dominates the market, you have to give the users something that is highly entertaining.

1. World of Warcraft, Blizzard Entertainment

This is one of the most addicting games in the world and the most popular MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game). This game has caused job losses, fights, divorces, obesity and even deaths. In this aspect, it is similar with LoL, which is also a highly addictive game. At least you can make friends, because you can refer a friend LoL and League of Legends players really appreciate this gesture.  Doctors estimate that proximately 40% of World of Warcraft players are addicted, although there is no official source to indicate this. Blizzard Entertainment offers parental control so that various playing limits can be set. Parents can set a weekly limit, a daily limit or create a playing schedule, not only for their children, but for themselves.


Football is the most popular sport in the world, so it comes as no surprise that a simulation game such as EA’s FIFA was a major hit in the gaming industry. The game allows fans to create their own teams with real players and lead them to glory. New versions of FIFA come out every year and the graphics are more impressive with each version. The hype around FIFA is so great and people spend so much on it that there are even websites such where people can keep track of their in-game purchases.

3. The Entire Pac-Man Franchise, Namco

The Pac-Man is one of the classics of the medium and a icon of the 80’s culture. It basically synonymous with video games and addicting games. Originally creates as an arcade game, kids from all over the world spend their pocket money feeding the machines and trying to beat the highest scores. This game is so addictive because it never ends, it just challenges players to play more and more.

4. Super Mario Bros, Nintendo

The original Super Mario games are very popular among those who were alive during the NES. Although the game could be beaten in five minutes if you knew some tricks, players would spend hours in front of the screen. Super Mario Bros 3, Gameboy Super Mario Lands, Super Mario World, and the new Super Mario Bros U were also highly addicting games, forcing gamers to play until they managed to beat it.

5. Sim City, Maxis

Sim City is a popular city-building console and computer video game published by Marxis in 1989 as SimCity. The ongoing success of Sim City game led to the creation of several different editions, including the The Sims in 2000, the best-selling computer game until 2012. Players could build their ultimate dream city and even destroy it with horrible alien monsters. This game was so addictive that the terrain editor could keep you in front of the screen for hours.

6. Angry birds, Rovio

This game is the perfect example of a simple concept very well done. Although it is one of the most addicting modern games, all you have to do is to pull back a bird and destroy structures. The franchise is so successful because both gaming veterans or young players simply can’t put it down.

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