5 Famous Sports Bars Around the Globe

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Even if you are a backpacker traveling the world, sports bars have that special something that makes you feel like home. The high televised sports, cheap drinks and people with common interests are ingredients that make this type of establishment popular. Sports bars are also a great place to get a taste of the city, its people and the culture. Below are 5 famous venues where sport fans can bond and watch their favorite team play:

1. Bungy Bar, Singapore

Bungy Bar is one of the liveliest of sports bars you can visit. Located in the Clarke Quay neighborhood next to the G-Max Reverse Bungies, this venue is most famous among youngsters who enjoy live sports, great food and amazing drinks. Bungy Bar screens all major football events in the world, Formula 1, Rugby Super 14, Cricket World Cup, Rugby World Cup and others. Besides sipping on chilled beers and cheering your favorite teams, this sports bar has a line of shows and events.

2. O’Connell St., Madrid

O’Connell St. and its twin brother Dubliners, located right next door, are two sports bars in Madrid operated by the same owner. Many of the people traverse between the two venues in a mini-version of a pub crawl. Besides the Irish décor, the bar is popular for the budget-friendly drinks and several TVs. Sports lovers have a few options when it comes to catching a game, although the usual broadcasts center around rugby, basketball, soccer and American football.

3. ESPN Zone, USA

ESPN Zone located on Broadway, New York is a great sports bar what can give you a taste of Manhattan. Because of the dozens of monitors showing the hottest games, you never have to crane your neck to get a better view. ESPN Zone is one of the best sports bats in the Big Apple. Just because you are a traveler doesn’t mean you have to miss out.

4. Phattys Sports Bar, Vietnam

Watching your favorite team in Vietnam is a memorable experience if you choose Phattys Sports Bar. Easy to find in District 1, this venue is the best solution is you can’t get a TV network at the hotel. All kinds of sports are showed on 7 big screens, including the AFL games, basketball, football, soccer and rugby. This is one of the sports bars that serves very cheap beer, stays open late and has one of the best pool streaks in town.

5. The Green Manchester, U.K.

If you are fortunate enough to be in the The Green Manchester when your favorite team loses, you can blow off some steam with Call of Duty. This bar offers all the great games, indoor golf, games, karaoke, food and drinks for less than the number of Liverpool fans you’ll find inside.

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