5 Additions to the Home for the Family that Increase Curb Appeal

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Your home is an investment into your future. It’s also an investment for the family. Many homeowners will put in the money and effort to renovate the property to merely increase its value. When you consider the additions that can enhance property value, you may also want to consider what it can do for everyone. From health to bonding, there are many things that can affect the family as a whole.

Swimming Pool

A swimming pool can be great fun for the family while offering an incredible way to promote fitness. Swimming in general is one of the most effective total workouts anyone can do, and it can easily add onto your asking price when it comes time to sell. Adding something unique can also boost appeal, such as a rock waterfall feeding into the pool.

Family Game Room

Many families will gather in the living room to play board games. However, a room specifically designed for this purpose can keep the clutter down. Instead of stashing games on bookshelves and in closets, you can have a room filled with shelving for the sole purpose of family entertainment. A place like this may help boost family bonds when used regularly.


A greenhouse can be a great way to engage the family while adding onto the property’s curb appeal. Some homeowners will grow certain plants year round in these constructs. It’s a project that everyone can get behind while exploring how to grow everything from fruits to flowers. Easy access to the house only makes it more accessible for everyone.

Backyard Barbecue Patio

Hosting a barbecue off of the back porch is one thing, but a landscaped area specifically for it is another. You could expand the patio to host larger groups or even completely build a whole portion of the back yard for entertaining. It could become one of the most utilized areas of the home, especially from spring to fall.

Fire Pit

While some homeowners are skeptic about having kids near fire, one of these pits in the back yard can be very rewarding. It offers a similar experience to camping as everyone gathers around just to talk and share stories. It has potential to be a great way to bond with the family without technological diversions such as game systems or television.

Finding the right home improvement contractor is the first step in building value as well as the family dynamic. With the right additions, you can do everything from promote fitness to providing a peaceful place to rest. The home should be a place to retreat for everyone. Why not build something that the whole family can appreciate?