5 Accessories Every UTV Should Have

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If you’re still driving the factory-issued UTV you bought from the lot, you’re missing out on amazing opportunities for vehicular customization. Why not accessorize your UTV with gadgets and gizmos that will make your off-roading even more pleasant, convenient and memorable? Here are just five ways to trick out your UTV.

1. Bucket Seats

Bucket seats are a comfortable, ergonomic solution for aching backs. They’re also a great way to add a touch of your own personal style to your UTV. For example, you can get them in different colors and materials depending on how you like to see and be seen. Think about bucket seats the next time you have a few dollars to spare on UTV accessories.

2. Surround Sound

There’s nothing like the feeling of blaring your favorite tunes while the wind whips through your hair at 50mph. A good stereo system will offer more than just a direct line to the Rolling Stones, however; it can also be vital for sending and receiving coordinates or following GPS instructions even in noisy terrain. Take a look at surround sound systems and imagine what they can do for you.

3. Cab Enclosures

Cab enclosures are more than just decorations. In extremely cold weather, they can mean the difference between life and death. A high-quality cab enclosure provides protection from the elements and a way to trap heat inside your UTV, so don’t play around when it comes to choosing weatherproofing materials. Make sure you buy the good stuff.

4. Lights

LED lights will help you navigate your way through even the darkest of terrain by illuminating obstacles and keeping you and your passengers safe. They’ll also look really cool when front- or top-mounted on your UTV! Everyone dreams of driving a monster truck, and if you jazz up your vehicle with enough luminescence, you’ll be living your own monster truck rally.

5. Cold Weather Accessories

Plows, skis and sleds are important accessories to have when you’re carrying, hauling or transporting cargo. Not only will they help you move firewood and other materials to your home, but they’ll also assist in clearing a path so you can actually get to your wood. The right cold weather gear can shave hours off your outdoor time.

If you’re ready to add some style to your UTV, these are just five accessories every vehicle should have.