2013 Summer Trends

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Summer is always the most exciting fashion season. There are very little restrictions when it comes to the warm season. It is a great time to experiment with various styles and trends. However, there are a few main trends that dominate this year’s summer. Even if you are a rebel that doesn’t follow the fashion rules, we guarantee that you will be conquered by the following trends.┬áTo create your own personal style, we recommend taking inspiration from them rather than copying them exactly. Read sewing machines reviews to find the right tailoring equipment for your level, buy your own materials and bring your ideas to life!

  • 1. Emerald Green

Emerald has officially been declared the star of the 2013 summer trends. It is a mesmerizing color that complements all types of skin. Furthermore it comes in many hues and it is conquering all the accessories and cosmetics. Therefore, if you want to rock a summer outfit we recommend integrating this color in your look. You can either have an eccentric emerald eyeshadow (it is particularly flattering for brown eyes), an emerald dress or an over-sized emerald purse. As far as the different emerald hues go, the brighter ones are recommended for blondes, while brunettes should go for warmer, earthly tones. And if you are wondering what colors work best with it, the answer lies in golden and brown shades.

  • 2. Hair styles

One of the most important summer fashion tips is to give extra attention to your hair which is more sensitive to deterioration during this time of the year on account of the excessive sun exposure. The 2013 summer trends regarding hair have an all natural theme. This summer, the trends dictate that we should let go of bright artificial haircuts and go for relaxed, natural tones. Both short haircuts and long ones are encouraged. As far as the color trends for long hair we are witnessing a return of the ombre style. However, ombre has reinvented itself since last year and it now featuring a more subtle blend between the colors giving the impression of sun kissed hair. If you are looking for some celebrity inspiration for this new ombre, you should check out Jessica Alba’s latest look. As far as short haircuts go the bob is still on top of the preferences closely followed by the pixie cut.

  • 3. Colors and prints

It is no surprise to anyone that summer is usually dominated by a wide palette of colors. However, this summer we are not so fond of bright, eclectic colors. Instead, most designers are infatuated with pastels. However you are free to go for as many prints as possible, especially ethnic ones. While the animal prints are barely staying afloat, the Aztec prints are rocking the designer collections. One of the best summer fashion tips is to combine two different prints in one outfit. This was often frown upon in the past but it is a very stylish trend at the moment.

These are the major 2013 summer trends. While we recommend that you experiment with them and integrate them in your wardrobe, we don’t frown upon any women who try to reinvent other trends. After all, fashion is all about self expression and the main trends are merely guidelines.

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