2013 Men Hairstyles

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Hairstyles just like fashion are continuously being reinvented. After all, no matter how much inspiration a hairdresser has, at one point or another, he will run out of styling options. As a result,¬†latest mens style haircuts are modified and adapted each new season . And if you thought that the Elvis quiff will never again be considered a new mens style haircut, well we have a surprise for you. Let’s take a look at the most popular 2013 hairstyles featuring multiple reinvented looks.

  • The quiff

According to the latest latest mens style trends, the stylish quiff is one of the most popular men hairstyles and it works for both short hair and long hair. It has recently been spotted on fashion icons like David Beckham and Zac Efron. If you can’t picture yourself sporting a tall wavy quiff, you can always go for a shorter less controversial one which is also a lot easier to style. A very hip short quiff is the one featuring an undercut. In order to style such a haircut rub some product forward and back through the hair and for a more relaxed look you could slightly orientate it to a side. And it you are looking for a Robert Pattinson look you could let your hair grow a little longer and try out a peaked wave.

  • The pompadour

If you are a man who isn’t afraid to sport an eccentric hairstyle we recommend the pompadour. This is one of the boldest men hairstyles. It was first worn by James Dean therefore it is usually associated with a bad boy image. The pompadour is a type of slicked back hairstyle but upgraded to a whole new level. The minimum length of the hair is about 2,5 inches. This means that if you have straight hair it should reach the level of your eyebrows. The back and the side can either be cut shorter or they can be slicked close to the head. You will need a lot of product in order to properly rock this hairstyle but if you are a little handy you will get a rebel look with minimum effort. If you’re interested in learning about other types of trendy haircuts for men, you can visit websites like www.shaircuts.net, and get some advice on how to tell what suits you best as well.

There are many other popular¬†new mens style haircuts that work for different types of hair. Our recommendation is to adapt the hairstyle to your type of hair. For example if you have curly hair, don’t bother straightening it as most women are crazy about curly haired men. For this type of hair the best haircuts are the messy top cut and the curly top fop. If you fancy longer hair, 2013 has plenty of options such as the straight blow, the sleek side comb, the thick side comb, the layered side comb, the high blow back, the dandy flop and the James Franco. For short hair we recommend the blended short cut or the peaked jagged cut.

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