2 Outdoor Kids Craft Ideas

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Summer is here, so make sure you keep the little ones busy with these ingenious outdoor kids craft ideas:

The colorful kite

The colorful kite is one of the best kids craft ideas, because it is an opportunity to leave the house and play on the beach or in the yard. You will need at least 60 feet of twine or string, Two 1/2×3/8×42 and 1/2×3/8×38 inches sticks, fast drying glue, paint, a pencil, a crafts knife, ribbons, crepe paper and vellum or paper (45 x 45 inches ).

1. Use the crafts knife to carve a 1/4 inch deep notch into both ends of each stick. Place the middle of the short stick over the middle stick, 9 inches away from its end and tie them tightly together with the string. Add some glue so you are sure it won’t get loose.

2. Thread string through each notch all the way around, starting at the top. Finish the kite frame at the top and tie a knot without cutting the string or twine.

3. For the bridle, the part where you will attach the flying string, bring the knotted string back from the top and tie it in the place where the two sticks are connected. Now you must cut it and leave a 3 inch border.

4. Place the frame on the paper or vellum and draw the borders adding an extra 3-4 inches so you can fold it over the string. Cut out the sail and decorate it with paint, ribbons and crepe paper for the tail.

5. After it is dry, place the frame against the sail, put glue onto the edges and fold them over the string. Wait for the glue to dry and tie the remaining string to the bridle tail. Your kite is ready!

Fence-painting party

The fence-painting party is the kid’s favorite, because they can have fun together and also do something useful. If you have an old wooden fence in the yard, these kids craft ideas are excellent. Gather the kids, arm them with brushes and start the fence-painting party. You will only need bright outdoor latex paint in colors such as pink, yellow, blue, lime green, orange and purple, paintbrushes, stamping sponges with handles and plastic plates.

1. Make sure the fence is clean and dry so the colors won’t lose their intensity. Place the paint on the plates and apply it to the fence using a different brush for each color. You can apply more colors to a single piece of fence or just one. After the fence is completely painted, leave it to dry for a approximately 1 hour.

2. Dip the stamping sponge into different paints and press it onto the fence to create a circular flower pattern. Paint yellow flower centers, green stems, leafs and bees. Let the paint dry and take pictures with the kids and their new lovely fence!

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