10 Hair Color Ideas You Should Try

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There are many amazing advantages to being a woman but the ability to toy with our look is probably the best one. The biggest change that a woman can do in order to change her look is change her hairstyle either by cutting it or by dyeing it. If you are looking for the best hair color inspiration then you need to follow the look of the most popular celebrities. Today we are going to present ten of the best celebrity hair color ideas that you need to try at least once in your life.

  • Platinum blonde

Platinum Blonde is probably the most complicated hair color. For starters you have to use bleach in order to obtain such a hair color. Furthermore, platinum blonde is not a color which goes well with everybody. Your skin must be relatively light yet not too pale. It can sometimes go well with olive skin too as long as the skin has some golden tan reflexes. In order to rock this type of hair color you must use a lot of eye makeup in order to contrast the overall paleness. Despite being quite high maintenance, this type of hair color needs to be tried out at least once if you want to feel like a rock star. With the right hair products and make up you can even achieve a glossy, Hollywood look.

  • Buttery Blonde with platinum glints

At the 85th edition of the Academy awards, Reese Whiterspoon made a stunning appearance wearing a beautiful Louis Vuitton Klein blue gown. Despite the fact that the dress was impressing, what truly made her appearance stunning was her glamorous hair. Reese Whiterspoon is well known for her natural golden locks but this particular appearance was beyond perfect. If you have a sophisticated event coming up and you don’t know what hair color to choose, we suggest picking the pale buttery blonde that Reese chose for the Academy Awards. Her hair stylist said that in order to get that look he blonded up her natural tones and added a few glints of platinum through it in order to make it more glamorous.

  • Ash blonde and strawberry blonde

If your skin tone allows you to play with various blonde hair color ideas than you can consider yourself lucky because not everybody is suited for these hair colors. Ash blonde is one of the most popular tones of blonde and it has been used by celebrities on numerous occasions. It is the perfect hair color if you are interested in a sweetheart look. Gwen Stefani, Tailor Swift and Jennifer Aniston are all big fans of this particular hair color. If you are interested in a more natural yet equally delicate looking hair color, we suggest choosing a strawberry blonde. This warmer shade of blonde is ideal for gently highlighting a perfect light skin.

  • Toffee Ombre

The ombre hair color ideas have been very popular for the past two years and they don’t seem to be going out of fashion any time soon. They have actually been reinvented recently with more natural touches. Out of all the celebrities who have tried out ombre hair colors, Jessica Alba was the most stunning looking one with her toffee strands with beach blonde tips. It is a natural look which looks good in any season. It looks casual and natural in the spring and the summer and it adds a touch of warmth to the skin in the colder seasons.

  • Warm Caramel highlights

If you are not sure whether you should choose a light hair color or not then you should first try out some highlights. Women with olive skin tones might be interested in some caramel highlights which are very popular at the moment. If you don’t believe us take a look at Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce.

  • Deep red auburn

If you are looking for the perfect fall hair color then you definitely should check out the deep red auburn that Emma Stone has chosen for this season. It is a warm yet intense hair color which is best suited for people with dark to medium skin. The deep color chosen by Emma is best suited for people with light skin. It goes particularly well with freckles. If you have a darker skin, we suggest going for a warmer and more brownish tone with a few caramel highlights. The reason this hair color is great for the fall is due to the fact that our skin tends to look paler as the whether gets colder. The red auburn shades are great for adding warmth to our skin tones.

  • Chocolate brown

Chocolate brown is by far the richest hair color. Just like the red auburn, it is great for adding warm to the skin and it is the best color for a summer tan. Whether you have been to the beach recently or you like tanning body spray, chocolate brown is the best hair color for highlighting a golden brown skin tone. If you are looking for the best chocolate brown hair color ideas we suggest that you keep your eyes on Eva Langoria, Eva Mendez, Penelope Cruz, Alexix Bledel, Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel.

  • Rusty Brown

The rusty brown hair color is a combination between the red auburn and the chocolate brown. It is a color which goes well in the summer as well as in the fall. There have been numerous celebrities who have tried on this hair color and some managed to rock it while others shouldn’t have left the house looking like that. Isla Fisher is one of the best examples of how this hair color should be worm. Her long rusty brown locks make her look like she had a long summer at the beach and she is getting ready to have her hair caresses by the delicate September sun.

  • Ash brown

If you are looking for a more dramatic hair color, we suggest trying out an ash brown hair dye. Like all dark brown hair color ideas, ash brown looks best on olive skin. It is a great choice for women who don’t like wearing a lot of make up as ash brown is a very natural tone that doesn’t require make up highlights. It goes well in all seasons and it is very easy to maintain. If you are looking for some ash brown inspiration we recommend checking out Milla Kunis. This color is also great if you are having a hard time getting rid of red tones.

  • Cherry red

If you are a bold woman and are looking for a daring hair color than you should definitely inspire yourself from Rihanna and choose a deep cherry red hair color. This type of hair color works great with both light skin as well as olive skin and it is great if you want to look like a rock star. However, keep in mind that this hair color is very hard to maintain as it fades away with each hair wash.

The hair color ideas presented above are the most popular ones amongst Hollywood celebrities so if you ever want to feel like a diva you should definitely choose one of them. However, keep in mind that in order to have red carpet hair, you need more than the perfect hair color. You also need quality hair products in order to make your hair look healthy and glossy. After all, healthy hair is one of the best beauty tools and all women need to know how to care for their hair.

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