Top 3 Most Efficient Knife Sharpeners

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An efficient knife sharpener is probably the best investment that you will make. With a good knife sharpener you can keep your expensive set of knives always sharp and in good condition. A knife sharpener should be easy to use but most importantly, it should be very effective at sharpening the blade and offer a smooth and shiny finish. We read a lot of reviews in order to narrow down our choices. For this task, we found theĀ site to be very helpful and you should surely check it out and read some knife sharpener reviews. Based on our research, here are the top 3 most efficient knife sharpeners that offer great results with every use.

Shapton glass stones

If you enjoying using a traditional method of sharpening knives, you will definitely enjoy using the Shapton glass stones because this knife sharpening method is fast yet efficient. Compared to other glass stones that require soaking, the Shapton glass stones are branded as “wet-and-go”, meaning that you only have to throw some water on them and you can start sharpening your knives. Because the stones are very dense then can remove a significant amount of metal with each use, so if you have dull and rusty knives you can use this knife sharpener to give back the original shine and sharpness of your old knives. The Shapton glass stones are quite pricey, as one stone can cost $40 or up to $300, depending on the grit. However, you can find affordable sets online for under $300 and the main advantages of investing in the Shapton glass stones is that they will last for a lifetime. To polish your stones, you might want to use a diamond lapping plate.

Wusthof Precision Edge electric sharpener

The Wusthof Precision Edge electric sharpener is a simple and easy to use knife sharpener that costs $190 so if you are on a budget, you can opt for this knife sharpener. The main advantage of using an electric knife sharpener like the Wusthof Precision Edge electric sharpener is that you can sharpen even the dullest blades in just a couple of minutes and all in safe conditions. This electric knife sharpener can be used for both serrated and straight edge blades.

Edge Pro sharpening set

The most effective way to polish your knives is by using stones, but a sharpening set can also deliver great results. The Edge Pro is different from other sharpening systems, in the sense that it has a different sharpening process, almost reversed. With this set, you use the stone to move over the knife, instead of using the knife to move over the stone. Moreover, the clamp featured at the set keeps the knife in place while you move the stone back and forth the edge of the blade. The guide arm is a great feature that holds the stone at a proper angle, so that you can sharpen your knives easier.

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